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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12023Is the Show Going Green? An Update on FIFA’s Climate Policy and the 2022 FIFA World CupFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA1
22022The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: A Commentary, edited by Geert van Calster and Leonie ReinsFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA3
32022Cashing-In on the Energy Transition? Assessing Damage Evaluation Practices in Renewable Energy Investment DisputesFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA1
42022Recent Developments in EU Environmental Policy and LegislationFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA2
52022Belgian Responses to COVID-19FERMEGLIA, Matteo; VAN GARSSE, Steven; TODTS, LiesbethJournal ContributionA2
62022Building Back Greener: Environmental and Climate Protection in the EU in the Post Covid-19 EraFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA2
72022Clean Biofuel Production and Phytoremediation Solutions from Contaminated Lands WorldwideOrtner, M.; Otto, H.J.; Brunbauer, L; Kick, C; Eschen, M; Sanchis, S; Audino, F; Zeremski, T; Szlek, A; Petela, K; Grassi, A; Capaccioli, S; FERMEGLIA, Matteo; VANHEUSDEN, Bernard; PERISIC, Marko; Young, B; Trickovic, J; Kidikas, Z; Gavrilovic, O; Blazquez-Palli, N; Lopez Cabomero, D; Jaggi, C; Klein, V; Brunbauer, L.; Kick, C.; Eschen, M.; Sanchis, S.; Audino, F.; Zeremski, T.; Szlek, A.; Petela, K.; Grassi, A.; Capaccioli, S.; Vanheusden, B.; PerišIć, M.; Young, B.; Trickovic, J.; Kidikas, Z.; Gavrilovic, O.; Blázquez-PallÍ, N.; López Cabornero, D.; Jaggi, C.; Klein, V.Proceedings PaperC1
82022Planning for Citizens' Health: Towards an Integrated Approach to Air and Noise Pollution in the EUFERMEGLIA, Matteo; PEDROSA, KendroJournal ContributionA1
92021Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Aspects of Cold Ironing Planning for a Maritime Route in the Adriatic SeaPiccoli, Tobia; FERMEGLIA, Matteo; Bosich, Daniele; Bevilacqua, Paolo; Sulligoi, GiorgioJournal ContributionA1
102021Recent Developments in EU Environmental Policy and LegislationFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA2
112021Water Quality Control Policies and the Criminalisation of PollutionDe Santis, Giovanni; FERMEGLIA, MatteoBook SectionB2
122021Reconciling EU Tax and Environmental Policies: the VAT as a Vehicle to Boost Green Consumerism under the EU Green DealCANNAS, Francesco; FERMEGLIA, MatteoBook SectionB1
132021Energy Return on Energy Investment (EROI): Implications for EU Climate and Energy LawFERMEGLIA, MatteoBook SectionB2
142020European Energy Law Report, vol. XIIIFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA2
152020The EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework: How net metering slips through its netILIOPOULOS, Theodoros; FERMEGLIA, Matteo; VANHEUSDEN, BernardJournal ContributionA1
162020The Fate of EU Environmental and Investment Law after the Achmea DecisionFERMEGLIA, Matteo; Mistura, AlessandraJournal ContributionA1
172020Book Review: Climate Change and Starvation: From Apocalypse to Integrity, by Laura WestraFERMEGLIA, MatteoJournal ContributionA2
182020Legal Pathways to Coal Phase-Out in Italy in 2025FERMEGLIA, Matteo; Bevilacqua, Paolo; Cafaro, Claudia; Ceci, Paolo; Fardelli, AntonioJournal ContributionA1
192020Comparative Law and Climate ChangeFERMEGLIA, MatteoBook SectionB2
202019Strategia energetica nazionale, instabilità normativa e protezione degli investimentiBrodi, Elisa; FERMEGLIA, MatteoBook SectionB2