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dc.contributor.authorZANONI, Patrizia-
dc.contributor.authorJanssens, Maddy-
dc.description.abstractIn this article, we examine how HR managers rhetorically construct diversity as discourses of Otherness. Our analysis relies on argument schemes developed by the classical rhetoric tradition. HR managers talk about diverse employees as visible, hearable and enjoyable Others, measure Otherness in terms of time, pace and rhythm, and evaluate the Other in terms of his/her compliance. While these discourses are varied and sometimes contradict the dominant (negative) Discourses of Otherness, they remain at the same tiem monolithic. The construction and valorisation of Otherness is predominantly deployed in function of reinforcing dominant managerial Discourses of discipline, compliance and control.-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDTEW Research Report-
dc.subject.otherdiversity HR managers discourse analysis rhetoric-
dc.titleConstructing the other: Managerial rhetorics of diversity-
dc.typeResearch Report-
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item.contributorZANONI, Patrizia-
item.contributorJanssens, Maddy-
item.fullcitationZANONI, Patrizia & Janssens, Maddy (2002) Constructing the other: Managerial rhetorics of diversity.-
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