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Title: Characterisation of mesoderm and endoderm in differentiating EPL cells
Authors: VERSCHUEREN, Jacob
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Embryonic stem cells have been the focus of a lot of attention because of their potential to differentiate into the tissues of the adult body and their progenitors. To study embryonic stem cells, the cells that are derived from them and the mechanisms involved in this differentiation, in vitro models can be set up. Mesoderm and definitive endoderm cells are two kinds of cells that are of interest because of the wide range of cells that are derived from them. Mesoderm leads to muscle, bone and haematopoietic cells and tissues, while endoderm is the progenitor of the tissues found in the gastrointestinal tract. There are no markers known that are specific for either of these cell types however. With markers, endoderm and mesoderm growth patterns could be visualised and studied in embryo’s and pure colonies of these cell types could be produced, studied and characterised in more detail, possibly leading to information that in the future could be used in therapeutic therapies. In this study a few possible markers are introduced and cxcr4 is proposed as a candidate marker for definitive endoderm.
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