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Title: The influence of hand dominance on the expression of arm-hand dysfunction and its relationship with the underlying neurophysiological disturbances in Mutliple Sclerosis
Authors: Jacobs, Jessica
Advisors: VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart
FEYS, Peter
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: UHasselt
Abstract: Background: The role of hand dominance on the expression of arm-hand dysfunction and the underlying neurophysiological processes are not well known in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Objective: This study aimed to acquire insights about the influence of hand dominance on the expression of arm-hand dysfunction in MS and the correlation between the clinical findings and neurophysiological output (Motor Evoked potentials (MEPs) and Somatosensory Evoked potentials (SSEPs) Methods: 109 MS patients with a mean Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score of 3.0 were included. Arm-hand dysfunction was measured by using two clinical tests (Nine Hole Peg test (NHPT), JAMAR hand grip strength) and a questionnaire was used to assess hand dominance and perceived arm-hand dysfunction. MEPs and SSEPs were registered to evaluate the function of motor and sensory pathways. Results: The NHPT revealed that the dominant arm became more impaired compared to the non-dominant arm. In contrast, perceived arm-hand function indicated a superior use of the dominant arm when performing activities of daily living, as well as a better perceived quality of performance. Conclusions: According to the objective measures, the dominant hand was more impaired in PwMS, but this result was not confirmed by the subjective measures.
Notes: master in de revalidatiewetenschappen en de kinesitherapie-revalidatiewetenschappen en kinesitherapie bij musculoskeletale aandoeningen
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Type: Theses and Dissertations
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