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dc.contributor.advisorFEYS, Peter-
dc.contributor.advisorLAMERS, Ilse-
dc.contributor.authorKelchtermans, Silke-
dc.description.abstractBackground: Little is known about perceived manual ability while performing ADL in persons with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). Objectives: This study aimed to get more insight in PwMS with different levels of manual ability measured with the Manual ability Measure (MAM-36). Methods: Hundred and five PwMS were included. Clinical scales on body function & structures- and activity level were conducted for both hands and perceived performance of manual ability in ADL was measured by the MAM-36. Descriptive statistics and Kruskall Wallis tests were performed to compare subgroups of manual ability levels. Results: An almost normal score on clinical scales does not automatically mean that the PwMS experiences no limitations in the perception of their upper limb function and the performance of ADL tasks. Unilateral ADL tasks and tasks which require less accuracy are the easiest and bilateral tasks or tasks requiring fine motor control in combination with handling of sharp materials are the most difficult ADL tasks. Tasks critical for the personal hygiene and everyday care are the most important ADL tasks. A median score of 0.28pegs/s on the NHPT and 20kg on the Jamar is necessary in order to perform the different ADL tasks without any difficulties. Conclusion: The MAM-36 is an important outcome measure to get a complete and accurate picture of the upper limb function in PwMS.-
dc.titleInsights in perceived manual ability performance in MS: a cross-sectional study-
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dc.description.notesmaster in de revalidatiewetenschappen en de kinesitherapie-revalidatiewetenschappen en kinesitherapie bij musculoskeletale aandoeningen-
local.type.specifiedMaster thesis-
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item.contributorKelchtermans, Silke-
item.fullcitationKelchtermans, Silke (2014) Insights in perceived manual ability performance in MS: a cross-sectional study.-
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