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dc.contributor.advisorYASAR, Ansar-
dc.contributor.authorGolmohammadi, Abbas-
dc.description.abstractThis master thesis was promoted by Professor, Doctor, Ansar. Ui. Haque. Yasar and supervised by Mr. Luk Knapen as the concluding piece to gain master degree in traffic and transportation science, at department of transportation, Hasselt university, Belgium.This master thesis was aimed to study the electric vehicles (EVs) using and the impact on current daily travel behaviour of car users in Flanders community in Belgium. It is managed to find out how those types of cars are? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? Why and how should (if are good for society) they be adapted to this community? It is tried by this work to give a good explanation and identification of different types of EVs to inform the mind of reader. As it could be possible it was tried to give a perspective of Flanders community car user's daily driving pattern. For these matters and also to be able to answer the study questions, different methodologies have been used. The first one was SWOT analysis and the second was statistical survey. This study has separated in 5 chapters.-
dc.titleThe impact of electric vehicles on travel behaviour, Formulate and estimate choice models for use of electric vehicles-
dc.typeTheses and Dissertations-
dc.description.notesmaster in de mobiliteitswetenschappen-verkeersveiligheid-
local.type.specifiedMaster thesis-
item.accessRightsOpen Access-
item.fullcitationGolmohammadi, Abbas (2014) The impact of electric vehicles on travel behaviour, Formulate and estimate choice models for use of electric vehicles.-
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