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Title: Troyan ceramics in the light of contemporary sculpture I
Contributors/Performers: DOBREV, Ivan 
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Workshop & artist in residence. Producing a series of experimental ceramic works around the thema of Troyan ceramics and contemporary sculpture.
Keywords: Troyan ceramics, technology, experiment
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Link to publication: Ceramic studio " Radilina", Troyan, Bulgaria
Discipline: beeldende kunsten
Research Context: The artistic research pursues to re-create the Troyan ceramic in contemporary sculpture. It explores the interaction and the compatibility between the traditional ceramics and contemporary sculpture. Through this interaction the projects aims to achieve a distinct aesthetic expression in the range of the ceramic practice.
Impact Description: The conducted workshop and artist in residence has increased the scale of the technological skills needed for the thorough combination between the applied arts of Troyan ceramics and the discipline of contemporary sculpture.
Related Info: Ceramic atelie "Radilina", Troyan, Bulgaria
Troyan ceramics in the light of Contemporary sculpture
Category: AOR
Type: Artistic/designerly creation
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