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dc.coverage.spatialZ33, Hasselt, Belgium-
dc.description.abstractpoem in dialogue with an untitled work of art by Patrick Ceyssens and Remco Roes, as a part of the collective contribution of research group FRAME (PXL-MAD, UHasselt) to the exhibition 'Field Notes and Dirty Drawings'.-
dc.subject.otherlandscape, lake, floating, memory-
dc.typeArtistic/designerly creation-
arts.contributor.creatorartistROES, Remco-
arts.contributor.creatorartistCEYSSENS, Patrick-
arts.contributor.creatorartistMOORS, Griet-
arts.contributor.creatorpoetSELS, Nadia- the context of the researh and art collective FRAME (PXL-MAD, UHasselt), this was an exploration of the possible relation between word, language and memory.-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedOrganizationPXL-MAD, UHasselt, research group FRAME-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedProjectExhibition 'Field Notes and Dirty Drawings'-
item.fulltextNo Fulltext-
item.contributorCEYSSENS, Patrick-
item.contributorSELS, Nadia-
item.contributorROES, Remco-
item.contributorMOORS, Griet-
item.fullcitation (2016) untitled.-
item.artistCEYSSENS, Patrick-
item.artistSELS, Nadia-
item.artistROES, Remco-
item.artistMOORS, Griet-
item.accessRightsClosed Access-
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