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dc.coverage.spatialEuropean Ceramic Work Center, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands-
dc.description.abstractFor the staff members and the participants of the European Ceramic Work Center, NL, the researcher I.Dobrev held a lecture on his doctoral research - "Troyan ceramics in the light of Contemporary sculpture". On this lecture, the artist presented his method and vision on the significance for integration of traditional ceramics within the domain of contemporary sculpture. Along with it, he revealed the motives and reason for choosing the EKWC facility for particular realisation of his project.-
dc.subject.otherlecture, presentation, artist talk, ceramics, integration, sculpture, technological process-
dc.titleRecreating Troyan ceramics in the image of Contemporary sculpture-
dc.typeArtistic/designerly creation-
arts.contributor.creatorsculptorDOBREV, Ivan- kunsten- presentation was conducted in the light of the current project realized at the EKWC facility, Evolution#Involution, which is a constituent part of the doctoral project on Troyan ceramics and contemporary sculpture.- conducted lecture was held in front of the staff members and participants of the EKWC. Through its interactive character, the lecture created a vivid dialog between fellow artists and colleague on the subject of contemporary ceramics and their utilization in the field of the fine arts. In this respect it is an invaluable source for inspiration, a critical reflection and way of objective approach on the treated subject.- dialog, critical thinking, feedback, sourse of inspiration-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedOrganizationThe European Ceramic Work Center, NL, MAD - Research, PXL/MAD U Hasselt-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedProjectTroyan ceramics in the light of Contemporary sculpture-
item.fullcitation (2016) Recreating Troyan ceramics in the image of Contemporary sculpture.-
item.fulltextNo Fulltext-
item.accessRightsClosed Access-
item.artistDOBREV, Ivan-
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