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dc.coverage.spatialThe European Ceramic Work Center, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands-
dc.description.abstractThis installation is the final result of the three months Artist in Residence project at the European Ceramic Work Center, NL. The installation represents the process and outcome of the traditional methods of the Troyan ceramics applied on a monumental surface and scale. In the light of the entire research, its purpose is to explore the technology and aesthetics of the Troyan ceramic style through combination of the traditional ornament within the body of sculpture. On the other hand, it challenged the established traditional methods, where the experimental approach reached new stage in the conducted research. In summary, its goal was to investigate the conditions and methods of artistic and theoretical practice, that lead to the finding of new forms of artistic expression in the domain of ceramics and contemporary sculpture.-
dc.formatMonumental ceramic installation composed of various ceramic sculptures.-
dc.subject.otherinstallation, Troyan ceramics, innovation, monumental scale, ornament-
dc.titleEvolution # Involution II-
dc.typeArtistic/designerly creation-
local.type.specifiedEvent:Exhibition: Group-
arts.contributor.creatorartistDOBREV, Ivan- kunsten- project Evolution#Involution is constituent part from the doctoral research on Troyan ceramics and contemporary sculpture of the researcher artist I.Dobrev. This project answers the question why the technology and achievements of traditional ceramics form a great source of knowledge applicable and relevant for the development and innovation of contemporary ceramic crafts and arts- treatment of the traditional ornament in the style of Troyan ceramics on a monumental scale has revealed a great potential in regard to the conducted research. The interaction between the traditional craftsmanship conceptualised through the aesthetics of contemporary sculpture opens new domain for exploration in the field of applied and fine arts.-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedOrganizationEuropean Ceramic Work Center, NL, PXL/MAD, School of Arts, Hasselt University-
arts.relatedInfo.relatedProjectTroyan ceramics in the light of Contemporary sculpture-
dc.identifier.urlTest Case, EKWC, NL-
item.fulltextNo Fulltext-
item.contributorDOBREV, Ivan-
item.fullcitation (2016) Evolution # Involution II.-
item.artistDOBREV, Ivan-
item.accessRightsClosed Access-
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