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Title: The influence of a multidimensional rehabilitation program on physical and psychosocial health in cancer survivors
Authors: Mbaye, Abouna
Advisors: THIJS, H.
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: Purpose: To investigate if there is any effect using tests (physical and psychosocial) before and after the rehabilitation for the cancer survivors. We investigate also if there is some influence of the social demographical factors. The main interest is the difference between the two measurements before (M1) and after (M2). The data set used in this analysis was the responses from the Physiotherapy Department of the Virga Jesse hospital at Hasselt. About 129 patients with any oncological pathology, divided in 10 groups over the past 3 years, participate to this rehabilitation program. Methods: T- test and Linear Mixed Model (L.M.M.) were employed for the data analysis. Results: Under Paired t-test, the physical tests: 3RM (Lateral Pull, Abductor, Abdominals), David Back, Back Muscles; David Back, Abdominals, Jamar Right and Sit and Reach and also the psychosocial tests: Physical Functioning, Role Functioning, Emotional Functioning, Cognitive Functioning, Social Functioning, Global Health Status (Quality of Life), Fatigue, Pain, Dyspnea, Sleep disturbance, Financial Impact, FACT Fatigue, Tampa Psychosomatic Questions were significant and are positively influenced by the difference between the measurement before (M1) and the measurement after (M2). Linear Mixed Model showed that almost of the tests were associated at Sex, Age, interaction between Sex and Age, Diagnosis, Therapies (Operation, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy). Conclusions: Sex, Age, Age*Sex interaction, Diagnosis and the type of therapy were the main factors that influenced the difference between M1 and M2 for the tests done in the rehabilitation program.
Notes: Master in Applied Statistics
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Type: Theses and Dissertations
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