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Title: Current industrial practice critical issues in hard PVD and PA-CVD coatings
Authors: STALS, Lambert 
Issue Date: 1997
Source: Surface and coatings technology, 91(3). p. 230-239
Abstract: Abstract In this paper the authors address a few - amongst many others - critical issues in hard coatings. These issues are: (1) the development of standardisation techniques for quality assurance and how well laboratory tests can be used for supporting such techniques. As an example fretting wear testing is discussed. (2) The importance of developing dedicated coatings for dry machining and/or manufacturing under reduced cooling/lubrication. (3) The role of plasma diagnostics in the development of coatings. (4) The problem of process control in CVD diamond coating in relation to adhesion and film structure.
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DOI: 10.1016/S0257-8972(96)03119-2
Type: Journal Contribution
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