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Title: Web-Powered Virtual Site Exploration Based on Augmented 360 Degree Video via Gesture-Based Interaction
Authors: WIJNANTS, Maarten 
DEGRAEN, Donald 
QUAX, Peter 
Issue Date: 2015
Source: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption (WSICC 2015)
Series/Report: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Abstract: Physically attending an event or visiting a venue might not always be practically feasible (e.g., due to travel overhead). This article presents a system that enables users to remotely navigate in and interact with a real-world site using 360° video as primary content format. To showcase the system, a demonstrator has been built that affords virtual exploration of a Belgian museum. The system blends contributions from multiple research disciplines into a holistic solution. Constituting technological building blocks include 360° video, the Augmented Video Viewing (AVV) methodology that allows for Web-driven annotation of video content, a walk-up-and-use mid-air gesture tracking system to enable natural user interaction with the system, Non-Linear Video (NLV) constructs to unlock semi-free visitation of the physical site, and the MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) standard for adaptive media delivery purposes. The system’s feature list will be enumerated and a high-level discussion of its technological foundations will be provided. The resulting solution is completely HTML5-compliant and therefore portable to a gamut of devices.
Keywords: virtual exploration; HTML5; 360° video; non-linear video; gestural interaction; MPEG-DASH; augmented video viewing
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Type: Proceedings Paper
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