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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
2022The MADIT-ICD benefit score helps to select implantable cardioverter-defibrillator candidates in cardiac resynchronization therapyDAUW, Jeroen ; Martens, Pieter; NIJST, Petra ; MEEKERS, Evelyne ; DEFERM, Sebastien ; GRUWEZ, Henri ; Rivero-Ayerza, Maximo; Van Herendael, Hugo; PISON, Laurent ; NUYENS, Dieter ; DUPONT, Matthias ; MULLENS, Wilfried Journal ContributionA1
2022Residential green space and mental health-related prescription medication sales: An ecological study in BelgiumAERTS, Raf ; Vanlessen, Naomi; Dujardin, Sebastien; Nemery, Benoit; Van Nieuwenhuyse, An; Bauwelinck, Mariska; Casas, Lidia; Demoury, Claire; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
2022Sparse Damage Detection with Complex Group Lasso and Adaptive Complex Group LassoDimopoulos, Vasileios; Desmet, Wim; DECKERS, Elke Journal ContributionA1
2021Dynamic matrix control for a single-phase inverterAlvarez, Carlos; Erazo, Paolo; Arcos-Aviles, Diego; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Journal ContributionC1
2022Linking Land Use and Plant Functional Diversity Patterns in Sabah, Borneo, through Large-Scale Spatially Continuous Sentinel-2 InferenceHauser, Leon T.; Timmermans, Joris; SOUDZILOVSKAIA, Nadia ; van Bodegom, Peter M.Journal ContributionA1
2021Noninvasive unipolar electrogram T-wave upslope is an accurate marker of local refractoriness in explanted hearts with drug-induced repolarization dispersionSTOKS, Job ; Bear, L; Volders, PGA; Cluitmans, MJMJournal ContributionM
2021Local areas of earlier repolarization cause epicardial repolarization heterogeneity in patients with apparently idiopathic ventricular fibrillationVan Rees, B.; STOKS, Job ; Nguyen, Y C; Ter Bekke, R M A; Mihl, C; Cluitmans, M; Volders, P G AJournal ContributionM
2021Dynamics of Ventricular Electrophysiology Are Unmasked Through Noninvasive Electrocardiographic ImagingSTOKS, Job ; Van Rees, Bianca; Nguyen, Uyen; Peeters, Ralf; Volders, Paul; Cluitmans, MatthijsProceedings PaperC1
2021Pyridoxamine Protects Against Cardiotoxicity After Doxorubicin ChemotherapyHAESEN, Sibren ; Brillouet, Aline; de Laat, Iris; Vastmans, Lotte; EVENS, Lize ; D'HAESE, Sarah ; WOLFS, Esther ; DELUYKER, Dorien ; BITO, Virginie Journal ContributionC1
2022Deep Eutectic Solvents as Nonflammable Electrolytes for Durable Sodiumā€Ion BatteriesDE SLOOVERE, Dries ; Vanpoucke, Danny E. P.; Vranken, Thomas; PAULUS, Andreas ; Eshraghi, Nicolas; CALVI, Lavinia ; JOOS, Bjorn ; ADRIAENSENS, Peter ; Mahmoud, Abdelfattah; Boschini, Frederic; Safari, Mohammadhosein; REEKMANS, Gunter ; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; HARDY, An Journal ContributionA1
2022Potential of petro-chemical sectors for industrial decarbonization_Part IRAJABLOO, Talieh ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward Conference MaterialC2
2022Brain mechanisms underlying negative affect induced somatic symptom reporting in functional somatic syndrome patientsVAN DEN HOUTE, Maaike ; BOGAERTS, Katleen Conference MaterialC2
2022Ten years countdown to hepatitis C elimination in Belgium: a mathematical modeling approachBUSSCHOTS, Dana ; Ho, Erwin; Blach, Sarah; Nevens, Frederik; Razavi, Homie; Van Damme, Ilse; Vanwolleghem, Thomas; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
2022Pterosaur melanosomes support signalling functions for early feathersCincotta, Aude; Nicolai, Michael; Nascimento Campos, Hebert Bruno; McNamara, Maria; D'Alba, Liliana; Shawkey, Matthew D.; Kischlat, Edio-Ernst; Yans, Johan; CARLEER, Robert ; Escuillie, Francois; Godefroit, PascalJournal ContributionA1
2022Tricuspid regurgitation after cardiac resynchronization therapy: evolution and prognostic significanceSTASSEN, Jan ; Galloo, Xavier; Hirasawa, Kensuke; Marsan, Nina Ajmone; van der Bijl, Pieter; Delgado, Victoria; Bax, Jeroen J.Journal ContributionA1
2022Transformative value positioning for service brands: key principles and challengesLEROI-WERELDS, Sara ; Matthes, JoergJournal ContributionA1
2022Understanding the growing role of driving anger in the risk of traffic incidents involving Vietnamese motorcyclistsHiep Trung Bui; Saadi, Ismail; Torfs, Katrien; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
2021Incorporating Moving Landmarks within 2D Graph-Based SLAM for Dynamic EnvironmentsAerts, Peter; Slaets, Peter; DEMEESTER, Eric Journal ContributionC1
2022Genome Integrity and Neurological DiseaseSCHEIJEN, Elle ; WILSON, David Journal ContributionA1
2021Towards a Semantic Interoperable Flemish Research Information Space: Development and Implementation of a Flemish Application Profile for Research DatasetsNEYENS, Evy ; VANCAUWENBERGH, Sadia Journal ContributionA2
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28537