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12022Pneumococcal vaccination prevented severe LRTIs in adults: a causal inference framework applied in registry dataMamouris, Pavlos; Henrard, Severine; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Verhaegen, Jan; Lin , Guohao; Vaes , BertJournal ContributionA1
22022Updating ‘Perceptions and opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic in Flanders, Belgium’ with data of two additional waves of a longitudinal studyDe Coninck, David; d'Haenens, Leen; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Declercq, Anja; Delecluse, Christophe; Van Roie, Evelien; Matthijs, KoenJournal ContributionA1
32022Pairwise joint modeling of clustered and high‐dimensional outcomes with covariate missingness in pediatric pneumonia careGachau, Susan; Njagi, Edmund Njeru; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Owuor, Nelson; Sarguta, Rachel; English, Mike; Ayieko, PhilipJournal ContributionA1
42022COVID-19 mortality, excess mortality, deaths per million and infection fatality ratio, Belgium, 9 March 2020 to 28 June 2020MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; FAES, Christel ; VERBEECK, Johan ; Deboosere, Patrick; ABRAMS, Steven ; Willem, Lander; AERTS, Jan ; Theeten, Heidi; Devleesschauwer, Brecht; Sierra, Natalia Bustos; Renard, Francoise; HERZOG, Sereina ; Lusyne, Patrick; Van der Heyden, Johan; Van Oyen, Herman; Van Damme, Pierre; HENS, Niel Journal ContributionA1
52022The COVID-19 wave in Belgium during the Fall of 2020 and its association with higher educationNATALIA, Yessika ; FAES, Christel ; NEYENS, Thomas ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
62022Prevalence and associated risk factors of HIV infections in a representative transgender and non-binary population in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium): Protocol for a community-based, cross-sectional study using time-location samplingDe Brier, Niels; Van Schuylenbergh, Judith; Van Remoortel, Hans; Van den Bossche , Dorien; FIEUWS, Steffen ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; De Buck, Emmy; T'Sjoen, Guy; Compernolle, Veerle; Platteau, Tom; Motmans , JozJournal ContributionA1
72022An efficient algorithm to assess multivariate surrogate endpoints in a causal inference frameworkFLOREZ POVEDA, Alvaro ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; VAN DER ELST, Wim ; Abad, Ariel AlonsoJournal ContributionA1
82021Age‐related changes in the fractal dimension of the retinal microvasculature, effects of cardiovascular risk factors and smoking behaviourLemmens, Sophie; LUYTS, Martial ; Gerrits, Nele; IVANOVA, Anna ; Landtmeeters, Charlien; Peeters, Reinout; Simons, Anne-Sophie; Vercauteren, Julie; Sunaric-Megevand, Gordana; Van Keer, Karel; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Stalmans, IngeborgJournal ContributionA1
92021The impact of incomplete data on quantile regression for longitudinal dataVERHASSELT, Anneleen ; FLOREZ POVEDA, Alvaro ; Van Keilegeom, Ingrid; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA2
102021Quantile regression for longitudinal data via the multivariate generalized hyperbolic distributionFLOREZ POVEDA, Alvaro ; VAN KEILEGOM, Ingrid ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; VERHASSELT, Anneleen Journal ContributionA1
112021Internal mixing of rotating stars inferred from dipole gravity modesPedersen, MG; AERTS, Conny ; Papics, PI; Michielsen, M; Gebruers, S; Rogers, TM; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Burssens, S; Garcia, S; Bowman, DMJournal ContributionA1
122021The Influence of Missing Data on Disabilities in Patients Treated with High-Dose Spinal Cord Stimulation: A Tipping Point Sensitivity AnalysisGoudman, Lisa; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Duarte, Rui, V; Moens, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
132021A linear mixed model to estimate COVID‐19‐induced excess mortalityVERBEECK, Johan ; FAES, Christel ; NEYENS, Thomas ; HENS, Niel ; VERBEKE, Geert ; Deboosere, Patrick; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
142021Joint modelling of longitudinal response and time-to-event data using conditional distributions: a Bayesian perspectiveDutta, Srimanti; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Chakraborty, ArindomJournal ContributionA1
152021The individual-level surrogate threshold effect in a causal-inference setting with normally distributed endpointsVAN DER ELST, Wim ; ALONSO ABAD, Ariel ; Coppenolle, Hans; MEYVISCH, Paul ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
162021Evaluation of surrogate endpointsMOLENBERGHS, Geert ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; BURZYKOWSKI, Tomasz ; BUYSE, Marc ; ALONSO ABAD, Ariel ; VAN DER ELST, Wim Book SectionB2
172021Implementing the meta-analytic approach for the evaluation of surrogate endpoints in SAS and R: a word of cautionONG, Fenny ; Wang, Jingzhao; VAN DER ELST, Wim ; VERBEKE, Geert ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; ALONSO ABAD, Ariel Journal ContributionA1
182021Graduate Education in Statistics and Data Science: The Why, When, Where, Who, and WhatAERTS, Marc ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; THAS, Olivier Journal ContributionA1
192021Consumption of antibiotics in the community, European Union/European Economic Area, 1997–2017: data collection, management and analysisBRUYNDONCKX, Robin ; Adriaenssens, Niels; Versporten, Ann; HENS, Niel ; Monnet, Dominique L.; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Goossens, Herman; Weist, Klaus; Coenen, SamuelJournal ContributionA1
202021Consumption of tetracyclines, sulphonamides and trimethoprim, and other antibacterials in the community, European Union/European Economic Area, 1997–2017Versporten, Ann; BRUYNDONCKX, Robin ; Adriaenssens, Niels; HENS, Niel ; Monnet, Dominique L.; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Goossens, Herman; Weist, Klaus; Coenen, SamuelJournal ContributionA1