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12022Cardiorespiratory fitness and free-living physical activity are not associated with cognition in persons with progressive multiple sclerosis: Baseline analyses from the CogEx studySandroff, BM; Motl, RW; Amato, MP; Brichetto, G; Chataway, J; Chiaravalloti, ND; Cutter, GR; Dalgas, U; DeLuca, J; Farrell, R; FEYS, Peter; Filippi, M; Freeman, J; Inglese, M; Meza, C; Rocca , MA; Salter, A; Feinstein, AJournal ContributionA1
22022The increased perceived exertion during the six minute walking test is not accompanied by changes in cost of walking, gait characteristics or muscle fatigue in persons with multiple sclerosisTHEUNISSEN, Kyra; Plasqui, Guy; Boonen, Annelies; TIMMERMANS, Annick; MEYNS, Pieter; FEYS, Peter; Meijer, KennethJournal ContributionA1
32022Using Telehealth to Guarantee the Continuity of Rehabilitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic ReviewBRIGO, Elisabetta; RINTALA, Aki; KOSSI, Oyene; Verwaest, Fabian; Vanhoof, Olivier; FEYS, Peter; BONNECHERE, BrunoJournal ContributionA1
42022Embodied learning in multiple sclerosis using melodic, sound, and visual feedback: a potential rehabilitation approachMOUMDJIAN, Lousin; Six, Joren; VELDKAMP, Renee; Geys, Jenke; VAN DER LINDEN, Channa; GOETSCHALCKX, Mieke; Van Nieuwenhoven, Johan; BOSMANS, Ilse; Leman, Marc; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
52022Improving public health through the development of local scientific capacity and training in rehabilitation in LMICs: A proof-of-concept of collaborative efforts in Parakou, BeninBONNECHERE, Bruno; KOSSI, Oyene; Adoukonou, Thierry; CONINX, Karin; SPOOREN, Annemie; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
62022Changes in Gait Characteristics During and Immediately After the 6-Minute Walk Test in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic ReviewABASIYANIK, Zuhal; Kahraman, Turhan; VELDKAMP, Renee; Ertekin, Ozge; Kalron, Alon; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
72022Improvement of gait and balance in patients with multiple sclerosis after multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation: Analysis of real-world data in RussiaStepanova, A.; Makshakov, G.; Kulyakhtin, A.; Kalinin, I.; FEYS, Peter; Evdoshenko, E.Journal ContributionA1
92022Frontal cortico-subcortical MRI correlates of fatigue and dual-task performance in progressive multiple sclerosisPreziosa, P.; Rocca , M.; Amato, M.; Brichetto, G.; Chataway, J.; Chiaravalloti, N.; Cutter, G.; Dalgas, U.; DeLuca, J.; Farrell, R.; FEYS, Peter; Freeman, J.; Inglese, M.; Meza, C.; Motl, R.; Sandroff, B.; Salter, A.; Feinstein, A.; Filippi, M.Journal ContributionM
102022Mobile health applications for improving physical function, physical activity, and quality of life in stroke survivors: a systematic reviewRINTALA, Aki; KOSSI, Oyene; BONNECHERE, Bruno; EVERS, Liese; Printemps, E.; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
112022Sustained attention during prolonged walking in persons with multiple sclerosisABASIYANIK, Zuhal; Kahraman, T.; VELDKAMP, Renee; Ertekin, O.; Kalron, A.; Ozakbas, S.; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
122022Do people with multiple sclerosis perceive upper limb improvements from robotic-mediated therapy? A mixed methods study*Triccas, L. Tedesco; MARIS, Anneleen; LAMERS, Ilse; Calcius, J.; CONINX, Karin; SPOOREN, Annemie; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
132022Innovations in technology for rehabilitationFEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
142022The late onset of emotional distress in people with progressive multiple sclerosis during the COVID-19 pandemic: longitudinal findings from the CogEx studyFeinstein, A.; Amato, M. P.; Brichetto, G.; Chataway, J.; Chiaravalloti, N. D.; Cutter, G.; Dalgas, U.; DeLuca, J.; Farrell, R.; FEYS, Peter; Filippi, M.; Freeman, J.; Inglese, M.; Meza, C.; Motl, R. W.; Rocca , M. A.; Sandroff, B. M.; Salter, A.Journal ContributionM
152022Profiling cognitive-motor interference in cognitively impaired persons with progressive multiple sclerosisVELDKAMP, Renee; D'HOOGE, Mieke; Kos, D.; Sandroff, B. M.; DeLuca, J.; Salter, A.; Feinstein, A.; Amato, M. P.; Brichetto, G.; Chataway, J.; Farrell, R.; Chiaravalloti, N. D.; Dalgas, U.; Filippi, M.; Freeman, J.; Motl, R. W.; Meza, C.; Inglese, M.; Rocca , M. A.; Cutter, G.; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
162022Prevalence of motor and cognitive fatigability in progressive multiple sclerosis and related factorsRAMARI FERREIRA, Cintia; D'HOOGE, Mieke; Kos, D.; Dalgas, U.; Feinstein, A.; Amato, M. Pia; Brichetto, G.; Chataway, J.; Chiaravalloti, N. D.; Cutter, G.; DeLuca, J.; Farrell, R.; Filippi, M.; Freeman, J.; Inglese, M.; Meza, C.; Motl, R. W.; Rocca , M. A.; Sandroff, B. M.; Salter, A.; Severijns, D.; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
172022Can a seated 6-minutes knee antiphase movement test help understand walking fatigability in moderately disabled people with MS through a movement control perspective? Preliminary resultsBALISTIERI SANTINELLI, Felipe; RAMARI FERREIRA, Cintia; PONCELET, Marie; Garaerts, M.; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
182022Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Assessing Dual-Task Performance in Daily Life: A Review of Current Instruments, Use, and Measurement PropertiesABASIYANIK, Zuhal; VELDKAMP, Renee; Fostier, Amber; Van Goubergen, Carolien; Kalron, Alon; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionA1
192022Walking fatigability manifests globally in several gait domains in people with multiple sclerosis during a prolonged walkingBALISTIERI SANTINELLI, Felipe; RAMARI FERREIRA, Cintia; GYSEMBERG, Griet; VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart; Kos, D.; MEYNS, Pieter; FEYS, PeterJournal ContributionM
202022Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging correlates of fatigue and dual-task performance in progressive multiple sclerosisPreziosa, P.; Rocca , M. A.; Pagani, E.; Valsasina, P.; Amato, M. P.; Brichetto, G.; Bruschi, N.; Chataway, J.; Chiaravalloti, N. D.; Cutter, G.; Dalgas, U.; DeLuca, J.; Farrell, R.; FEYS, Peter; Freeman, J.; Inglese, M.; Meza, C.; Motl, R. W.; Salter, A.; Sandroff, B. M.; Feinstein, A.; Filippi, M.Journal ContributionM