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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12021Impact measures: What are they?EGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
22021A theory of pointwise defined impact measuresEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
32020Minimal Impact One-Dimensional ArraysEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
42020The h-index formalismEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
52020h-Type indices, partial sums and the majorization orderEGGHE, Leo ; Rousseau, RonaldJournal ContributionA1
62020Polar coordinates and generalized h-type indicesEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
72019Infinite sequences and their h-type indicesEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
82019A geometric relation between the h-index and the Lorenz curveEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
92019Solution by step functions of a minimum problem in L-2[0,1], using generalized h- and g-indicesEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
102019Measures of linear type lead to a characterization of Zipf functionsEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
112017Partial orders for zero-sum arrays with applications to network theoryLiu, Yunjun; Rousseau, Ronald; EGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
122015Message from the retiring Editor-in-ChiefEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA2
132014Comments on the paper of J. M. Campanario: The effect of citations on the significance of decimal places in the computation of journal impact factorsEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
142014A basic indicator for relative contributions and a remarkable difference between a ratio of averages and an average of ratiosEGGHE, Leo ; ROUSSEAU, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
152014A general theory of minimal increments for Hirsch-type indices and applications to the mathematical characterization of Kosmulski-indicesEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
162014A Good Normalized Impact and Concentration MeasureEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
172014Comments on "year-based h-type indicators"EGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA2
182014Impact coverage of the success-indexEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
192014Informetric Explanation of Some Leiden Ranking GraphsEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA1
202013Dynamical aspects of Information Production ProcessesEGGHE, Leo Journal ContributionA2