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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12023Vegvisir: A testing framework for HTTP/3 media streamingHERBOTS, Joris; VANDERSANDEN, Mike; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
22023Cross that boundary: Investigating the feasibility of cross-layer information sharing for enhancing ABR decision logic over QUICHERBOTS, Joris; VERSTRAETE, Arno; WIJNANTS, Maarten; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
32022Revisiting Identification Issues in GDPR ‘Right Of Access’ Policies: A Technical and Longitudinal AnalysisDI MARTINO, Mariano; MEERS, Isaac; QUAX, Peter; ANDRIES, Ken; LAMOTTE, WimJournal ContributionA2
42021Adaptive Web-Based VR Streaming of Multi-LoD 3D Scenes via Author-Provided Relevance ScoresLIEVENS, Hendrik; WIJNANTS, Maarten; VANDERSANDEN, Mike; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
52021ESQABE: Predicting Encrypted Search QueriesMEERS, Isaac; DI MARTINO, Mariano; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
62021Stay Tuned! An Investigation of Content Substitution, the Listener as Curator and Other Innovations in Broadcast RadioWIJNANTS, Maarten; GEURTS, Eva; LIEVENS, Hendrik; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
72021Adaptive Streaming and Rendering of Static Light Fields in the Web BrowserLIEVENS, Hendrik; WIJNANTS, Maarten; Zoomers, Brent; PUT, Jeroen; MICHIELS, Nick; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
82021SLF4Web - MPEG-DASH datasets of static light fieldsWIJNANTS, Maarten; LIEVENS, Hendrik; MICHIELS, Nick; PUT, Jeroen; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimDatasetDS
92020Visualizing QUIC and HTTP/3 with qlog and qvisMARX, Robin; LAMOTTE, Wim; QUAX, PeterProceedings PaperC1
102020From Conditional Independence to Parallel Execution in Hierarchical ModelsNEMETH, Balazs; HABER, Tom; LIESENBORGS, Jori; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
112020Automatic Parallelization of Probabilistic Models with Varying Load ImbalanceNEMETH, Balazs; HABER, Tom; LIESENBORGS, Jori; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
122020Resource Multiplexing and Prioritization in HTTP/2 over TCP Versus HTTP/3 over QUICMARX, Robin; DE DECKER, Tom; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
132020Debugging QUIC and HTTP/3 with qlog and qvisMARX, Robin; Piraux, Maxime; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
142020Practical Operation Extraction from Electromagnetic Leakage for Side-Channel Analysis and Reverse EngineeringROBYNS, Pieter; DI MARTINO, Mariano; Giese, Dennis; LAMOTTE, Wim; QUAX, Peter; Noubir, GuevaraProceedings PaperC1
152020Same Standards, Different Decisions: A Study of QUIC and HTTP/3 Implementation DiversityMARX, Robin; HERBOTS, Joris; LAMOTTE, Wim; QUAX, PeterProceedings PaperC1
162020Cross-layer metrics sharing for QUICker video streamingHERBOTS, Joris; WIJNANTS, Maarten; LAMOTTE, Wim; QUAX, PeterProceedings PaperC1
172020Knocking on IPs: Identifying HTTPS Websites for Zero-Rated TrafficDI MARTINO, Mariano; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimJournal ContributionA1
182019Approximate Repeated Administration Models for PharmacometricsNEMETH, Balazs; HABER, Tom; LIESENBORGS, Jori; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1
192019Personal Information Leakage by Abusing the GDPR 'Right of Access'DI MARTINO, Mariano; ROBYNS, Pieter; Weyts, Winnie; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, Wim; ANDRIES, KenProceedings PaperC1
202019IUPTIS: Fingerprinting Profile Webpages in a Dynamic and Practical DPI ContextDI MARTINO, Mariano; ROBYNS, Pieter; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, WimProceedings PaperC1