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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12006Multivariate distributions with correlation matrices for nonlinear repeated measurementsLINDSEY, James ; LINDSEY, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
22006Modeling diapause termination of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus using statistical tools to detect sudden behavioral changes and time dependenciesSpeybroeck, N; LINDSEY, Patrick ; Billiouw, M; Madder, M; Berkvens, D.L.; LINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
32004Influence of breathing pattern and lung inflation on impulse oscillometry measurements in horsesVan Erck, E; Votion, D; Kirschvink, N; Genicot, B; Art, T.; LINDSEY, James ; Lekeux, PJournal ContributionA1
42002Letter to the Editor of Biometrics - ReplyLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
52002Dynamic modelling of a challenge-escalation cross-over study of treatment of capsaicin-induced coughingLINDSEY, James ; Stevens, JW; Jones, B; Jackson, DJournal ContributionA1
62002Robust estimation of the median lethal doseKelly, G.E.; LINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
72001Detecting covariates with non-random missing values in a survey of primary education in MadagascarLINDSEY, James ; LINDSEY, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
82001A general family of distributions for longitudinal dependence with special reference to event historiesLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
92001Some statistical issues in modelling pharmacokinetic dataLINDSEY, James ; Jones, Bradley; Jarvis, P.Journal ContributionA1
102001Nonlinear models in medical statisticsLINDSEY, James BookB1
112000Generalized nonlinear models for pharmacokinetic dataLINDSEY, James ; Byrom, W.D.; WANG, Jihui; Jarvis, P.; Jones, BradleyJournal ContributionA1
122000Obtaining marginal estimates from conditional categorical repeated measurements models with missing dataLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
132000Directly modelling matched case-control dataLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
142000A family of models for uniform and serial dependence in repeated measurements studiesLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
152000Dropouts in longitudinal studies: definitions and modelsLINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
162000Compared modelling of the climate's influence on the dynamics of six European Black Grouse populationsLoneux, M.; LINDSEY, James ; Ruwet, J.C.Proceedings PaperC2
172000Modellierung der Populationsschwankungen des Birkhuhns in den Naturschutzgebieten des Belgischen Hohen VennLoneux, M.; LINDSEY, James ; Ruwet, J.C.Journal ContributionA3
182000Modelling pharmacokinetic data using heavy-tailed multivariate distributionsLINDSEY, James ; Jones, BradleyJournal ContributionA1
192000Diagnostic tools from random effects in the repreated measures growth curve modelLINDSEY, Patrick ; LINDSEY, James Journal ContributionA1
202000Simultaneous modelling of flosequinan and its metaboliteLINDSEY, James ; WANG, Jihui; Jones, Bradley; Byrom, W.D.; Hind, I.D.Journal ContributionA1