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GEYS, Helena
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12021Bayesian pooling versus sequential integration of small preclinical trials: a comparison within linear and nonlinear modeling frameworksLA GAMBA, Fabiola ; Jacobs, Tom; SERROYEN, Jan ; GEYS, Helena ; FAES, Christel Journal ContributionA1
22019Bayesian sequential integration within a preclinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling framework: Lessons learnedLA GAMBA, Fabiola ; Jacobs, Tom; GEYS, Helena ; Jaki, Thomas; Serroyen, Jan; Ursino, Moreno; Russu, Alberto; FAES, Christel Journal ContributionA1
32019Marginalized models for right-truncated and interval-censored time-to-event dataCHEBON, Sammy ; FAES, Christel ; De Smedt, Ann; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
42019Univariate Versus Multivariate Surrogates in the Single-Trial SettingVAN DER ELST, Wim ; Alonso, Ariel Abad; GEYS, Helena ; MEYVISCH, Paul ; Bijnens, Luc; SENGUPTA, Rudradev ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
52018A Bayesian K-PD model for synergy: A case studyLA GAMBA, Fabiola ; Jacobs, Tom; GEYS, Helena ; Ver Donck, Luc; FAES, Christel Journal ContributionA1
62017Models for zero-inflated, correlated count data with extra heterogeneity: when is it too complex?CHEBON, Sammy ; FAES, Christel ; Cools, Frank; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
72016Detecting influential observations in a model-based cluster analysisBRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; VERBEKE, Geert ; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
82015A clustering algorithm for multivariate longitudinal dataBRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Drinkenburg, P.; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
92015Flexible modelling of simultaneously interval censored and truncated time-to-event dataCHEBON, Sammy ; FAES, Christel ; De Smedt, Ann; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
102014Abuse liability assessment in preclinical drug development: Predictivity of a translational approach for abuse liability testing using methylphenidate in four standardized preclinical study modelsTeuns, Greet B. A.; GEYS, Helena ; Geuens, Sonja M. A.; STINISSEN, Piet ; Meert, Theo F.Journal ContributionA1
112013A Bayesian, generalized frailty model for comet assaysHABTEAB GHEBRETINSAE, Aklilu ; FAES, Christel ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; De Boeck, Marlies; GEYS, Helena Journal ContributionA1
122012A Meta-Analytical Framework to Include Historical Data in Allometric ScalingBIJNENS, Luc ; Van Den Bergh, An; Sinha, Vikash; GEYS, Helena ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Verbeke, Tobias; KASIM, Adetayo ; Straetemans, Roel; De Ridder, Filip; Balmain-Mackie, ClaireJournal ContributionA1
132012Joint modeling of hierarchically clustered and overdispersed non-gaussian continuous outcomes for comet assay dataHABTEAB GHEBRETINSAE, Aklilu ; FAES, Christel ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; GEYS, Helena ; Van der Leede, Bas-JanJournal ContributionA1
142010Correction for Model Selection Bias Using a Modified Model Averaging Approach for Supervised Learning Methods Applied to EEG ExperimentsWOUTERS, Kristien ; CORTINAS ABRAHANTES, Jose ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; GEYS, Helena ; Bijnens, Luc; Ahnaou, Abdellah; Drinkenburg, W.H.I.M.Journal ContributionA1
152010Marginal Correlation in Longitudinal Binary Data Based on Generalized Linear Mixed ModelsVANGENEUGDEN, Tony ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; LAENEN, Annouschka ; GEYS, Helena ; BEUNCKENS, Caroline ; SOTTO, Cristina Journal ContributionA1
162010A Unified Approach to Multi-item ReliabilityALONSO ABAD, Ariel ; LAENEN, Annouschka ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; GEYS, Helena ; VANGENEUGDEN, Tony Journal ContributionA1
172010Genomic Biomarkers for Depression: Feature-Specific and Joint BiomarkersTILAHUN ESHETE, Abel ; LIN, Dan ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; GEYS, Helena ; ALONSO ABAD, Ariel ; Peeters, Pieter; Talloen, Willem; Drinkenburg, Wilhelmus; Goehlmann, Hinrich; Gorden, Evian; BIJNENS, Luc ; MOLENBERGHS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
182009Investigating Association Between Behavior, Corticosterone, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure in Rats Using Surrogate Marker Evaluation MethodologyTILAHUN ESHETE, Abel ; MARINGWA, John ; GEYS, Helena ; ALONSO ABAD, Ariel ; Raeymaekers, Leen; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; Van Den Kieboom, Gerd; Drinkenburg, Pim; BIJNENS, Luc Journal ContributionA1
192009Modeling spatial learning in rats based on Morris water maze experimentsFAES, Christel ; AERTS, Marc ; GEYS, Helena ; De Schaepdrijver, L.Journal ContributionA1
202008Joint models of discrete and continuous longitudinal dataFAES, Christel ; GEYS, Helena ; CATALANO, Paul Book SectionB2