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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022Evaluatie vernieuwde rijopleiding voor behalen van rijbewijs categorie BCUENEN, Ariane; BRIJS, Tom; POLDERS, Evelien; DIRIX, Helene; BRIJS, KrisResearch ReportR2
22022Development of Crash Prediction Models for Urban Road Segments Using Poisson Inverse Gaussian RegressionKHATTAK, Wisal; De Backer, Hans; De Winne, Pieter; BRIJS, Tom; PIRDAVANI, AliProceedings PaperC2
32022Analysis of Factors Influencing Road Crashes in the Urban Areas: The Application of Generalized Poisson Model vs Negative Binomial ModelKHATTAK, Wisal; De Backer, Hans; De Winne, Pieter; BRIJS, Tom; PIRDAVANI, AliConference MaterialC2
42022Studying the Impact of Roadway Cross-Section, On-Street Parking and Traffic Volume on the Crash Frequency of Urban Road SegmentsKHATTAK, Wisal; PIRDAVANI, Ali; De Winne, Pieter; BRIJS, Tom; De Backer, HansConference MaterialC2
52022Analysis of an advanced driver-assistance system to improve safety of cyclists overtaking by driver characteristicsMAURIELLO, Filomena; BRIJS, Tom; Montella, Alfonso; Galante, Francesco; BRIJS, Kris; ROSS, VeerleConference MaterialC2
62022Methodology for the Evaluation of Safety InterventionsMichelaraki, Eva; Katrakazas, Christos; Filtness, Ashleigh; Talbot, Rachel; Hancox, Graham; GRUDEN, Chiara; CUENEN, Ariane; BRIJS, Kris; BRIJS, Tom; Yannis, GeorgeConference MaterialC2
72022The effectiveness of an intelligent speed assistance system with real-time speeding interventions for truck drivers: a Belgian simulator studyDE VOS, Bart; CUENEN, Ariane; ROSS, Veerle; DIRIX, Helene; BRIJS, Kris; BRIJS, TomConference MaterialC2
82022Studying the effects of an advanced driver-assistance system to improve safety of cyclists overtakingBRIJS, Tom; MAURIELLO, Filomena; Montella, Alfonso; Galante, Francesco; BRIJS, Kris; ROSS, VeerleJournal ContributionA1
92022Delay or travel time information? The impact of advanced traveler information systems on drivers' behavior before freeway work zonesREINOLSMANN, Nora; Alhajyaseen, Wael; BRIJS, Tom; PIRDAVANI, Ali; ROSS, Veerle; HUSSAIN, Qinaat; BRIJS, KrisJournal ContributionA1
102022Investigating the effects of sleepiness in truck drivers on their headway: An instrumental variable model with grouped random parameters and heterogeneity in their meansAfghari, Amir Pooyan; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Pilkington-Cheney, Fran; Filtness, Ashleigh; BRIJS, Tom; BRIJS, Kris; CUENEN, Ariane; DE VOS, Bart; DIRIX, Helene; ROSS, Veerle; WETS, Geert; Lourenço, André; Rodrigues, LourençoJournal ContributionA1
112022A Multi-Modal Warning-Monitoring System Acceptance Study: What Findings Are Transferable?Al Haddad, Christelle; Abouelela, Mohamed; Hancox, Graham; Pilkington-Cheney, Fran; BRIJS, Tom; Antoniou, ConstantinosJournal ContributionA1
122022Autism-friendly public bus transport: A personal experience-based perspectiveDIRIX, Helene; ROSS, Veerle; BRIJS, Kris; Bertels, Laura; Alhajyaseen, Wael; BRIJS, Tom; WETS, Geert; SPOOREN, AnnemieJournal ContributionA1
132021Driving simulator evaluation of an advance warning system for safe cyclist overtakingBRIJS, Tom; Mauriello, F; Montella, A; Galante, F; BRIJS, Kris; ROSS, VeerleConference MaterialC2
142021Investigating the Impact of Road Cross-Section Elements on Crash Occurrence in Urban AreasKHATTAK, Wisal; De Backer, Hans; De Winne, Pieter; BRIJS, Tom; PIRDAVANI, AliConference MaterialC2
152021Acceptability of intelligent speed adaptation technology in developing Countries: The case of Ethiopian minibus taxi driversMAMO, Wondwesen; ROSS, Veerle; Dadi, Yohannes Legesse; REINOLSMANN, Nora; BRIJS, Tom; BRIJS, KrisJournal ContributionA1
162021Risk scenario designs for driving simulator experimentsAmini, Roja Ezzati; Michelaraki, Eva; Katrakazas, Christos; Al Haddad, Christelle; DE VOS, Bart; CUENEN, Ariane; Yannis, George; BRIJS, Tom; Antoniou, ConstantinosProceedings PaperC1
172021The i-DREAMS intervention strategies to reduce driver fatigue and sleepiness for different transport modesPilkington-Cheney, Fran; Afghari, Amir Pooyan; Filtness, Ashleigh; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Lourenco, Andre; BRIJS, TomProceedings PaperC1
182021A big data-as-a-service architecture for naturalistic driving studiesAlam, Md Rakibul; Al Haddad, Christelle; Antoniou, Constantinos; Carreiras, Carlos; VANROMPAY, Yves; BRIJS, TomProceedings PaperC1
192021The effectiveness of the theory and practice-based hazard avoidance training program for young novices riding small-displacement motorcycles in VietnamNGUYEN, Dinh Vinh Man; Vu Anh, Tuan; BRIJS, Kris; BRIJS, Tom; WETS, Geert; ROSS, VeerleConference MaterialC2
202021Can immersive virtual reality increase respondents’ certainty in discrete choice experiments? A comparison with traditional presentation formatsMOKAS, Ilias; LIZIN, Sebastien; BRIJS, Tom; WITTERS, Nele; MALINA, RobertJournal ContributionA1