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KLEIN, Georg
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12008Midgut electrophysiology of a small insect (Orchesella cincta (L.) Collembola): regional differencesVAN KERKHOVE, Emmy; KLEIN, Georg; SWENNEN, QuirineBook SectionB2
22006Problems and pitfalls in cable analysis in short tubular epithelia. Analysis of regional functional differences, a modelVAN KERKHOVE, Emmy; KLEIN, GeorgJournal ContributionM
32006Midgut electrophysiology of a small insect Orchesella cincta (L.): regional differences and influence of moltingVAN KERKHOVE, Emmy; KLEIN, GeorgJournal ContributionM
42003K+ transport in Malpighian tubules of Tenebrio molitor L.: is a K-ATP channel involved?VAN KERKHOVE, Emmy; STEELS, Paul; Nicolson, SW; WIEHART, Ursula; KLEIN, GeorgJournal ContributionA1
52003K+ transport in Malpighian tubules of Tenebrio militor: is a KATP channel involved?VAN KERKHOVE, Emmy; STEELS, Paul; WIEHART, Ursula; KLEIN, Georg; Nicolson, S.Journal ContributionA2
62003Midgut electrophysiology of Orchesella cincta (L.) Templeton 1835KLEIN, GeorgTheses and DissertationsT1