BUCKINX, Roeland

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BUCKINX, Roeland
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12009Morphological changes do not reflect biochemical and functional differentiation in OLN-93 oligodendroglial cellsBUCKINX, Roeland; SMOLDERS, Inge; SAHEBALI, Sheen; JANSSEN, Daniel; SMETS, Ilse; AMELOOT, Marcel; RIGO, Jean-MichelJournal ContributionA1
22008Functional properties of glycine receptors and their expression in oligodendroglial cellsBUCKINX, RoelandTheses and DissertationsT1
32007Mechanisms for picrotoxinin and picrotin blocks of alpha(2) homomeric glycine receptorsWang, Dian-Shi; BUCKINX, Roeland; Lecorronc, Herve; MANGIN, Jean-Marie; RIGO, Jean-Michel; Legendre, PascalJournal ContributionA1
42007Morphological changes do not reflect differentiation stage in OLN-(93) oligodendrocytesBUCKINX, Roeland; SMOLDERS, Inge; SAHEBALI, Sheen; SMETS, Ilse; VAN DE VEN, Martin; AMELOOT, Marcel; RIGO, Jean-MichelJournal ContributionM
52007Dorsal unpaired median neurons of Locusta migratoria express ivermectin- and fipronil-sensitive glutamate-gated chloride channelsJANSSEN, Daniel; Derst, Christian; BUCKINX, Roeland; VAN DEN EYNDEN, Jimmy; RIGO, Jean-Michel; VAN KERKHOVE, EmmyJournal ContributionA1