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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022Mining Valuable Collaborations from Event Data Using the Recency-Frequency-Monetary PrincipleJOOKEN, Leen; JANS, Mieke; DEPAIRE, Benoit; Franch, Xavier; Poels, Geert; Gailly, Frederik; Snoeck, MoniqueProceedings PaperC1
22022Alpha Precision: Estimating the Significant System Behavior in a ModelDEPAIRE, Benoit; JANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; Leemans, Sander J. J.; Di Ciccio, Claudio; Dijkman, Remco; del Río Ortega, Adela; Rinderle-Ma, StefanieProceedings PaperC1
32022Root Cause Analysis in Process Mining with Probabilistic Temporal LogicVAN HOUDT, Greg; DEPAIRE, Benoit; MARTIN, NielsProceedings PaperC1
42022Supporting Capacity Management Decisions in Healthcare using Data-Driven Process SimulationVAN HULZEN, Gerard; MARTIN, Niels; DEPAIRE, Benoit; SOUVERIJNS, GeertJournal ContributionA1
52022bupaRflow: A Workflow Interface for bupaRSteukers, Brechts; JANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; VAN HULZEN, Gerard; VANHOENSHOVEN, Frank; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
62022A review on drawdown risk measures and their implications for risk managementGEBOERS, Hans; DEPAIRE, Benoit; Annaert, JanJournal ContributionA1
72022Data-Driven Process SimulationDEPAIRE, Benoit; MARTIN, NielsBook SectionB2
82022A data-driven analysis of route deviations in an order picker processLEROY, Aicha; BRAEKERS, Kris; CARIS, An; DEPAIRE, BenoitConference MaterialC2
92022Mining Context-Aware Resource Profiles in the Presence of MultitaskingVAN HULZEN, Gerard; LI, Chiao-Yun; MARTIN, Niels; VAN ZELST, Sebastiaan J.; DEPAIRE, BenoitJournal ContributionA1
102022Process Analysis with bupaR 0.5.0: What's New?VAN HULZEN, Gerard; JANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; MARTIN, Niels; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
112021Mining batch activation rules from event logsMARTIN, Niels; Solti, Andreas; Mendling, Jan; DEPAIRE, Benoit; CARIS, AnJournal ContributionA1
122021Looking Beyond Activity Labels: Mining Context-Aware Resource Profiles Using Activity Instance ArchetypesVAN HULZEN, Gerard; MARTIN, Niels; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
132021Conformance Checking in Process MiningJANS, Mieke; Weerdt, Jochen De; DEPAIRE, Benoit; Dumas, Marlon; JANSSENSWILLEN, GertJournal ContributionA2
142021Unsupervised Event Abstraction in a Process Mining Context: A Benchmark StudyVAN HOUDT, Greg; DEPAIRE, Benoit; MARTIN, NielsProceedings PaperC1
152021The Need for Interactive Data-Driven Process Simulation in Healthcare: A Case StudyVAN HULZEN, Gerard; MARTIN, Niels; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
162020Classifying process deviations with weak supervisionLAGHMOUCH, Manal; JANS, Mieke; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
172020Extensions to the bupaR ecosystem: An overviewJANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; Mannhardt, Felix; CREEMERS, Mathijs; DEPAIRE, Benoit; JANS, Mieke; JOOKEN, Leen; MARTIN, Niels; VAN HOUDT, GregProceedings PaperC1
182020Retrieving the resource availability calendars of a process from an event logMARTIN, Niels; DEPAIRE, Benoit; CARIS, An; SCHEPERS, DimitriJournal ContributionA1
192020A multilevel evaluation method for heuristics with an application to the VRPTWCORSTJENS, Jeroen; DEPAIRE, Benoit; CARIS, An; Sörensen, KennethJournal ContributionA1
202019Explaining Heuristic Performance Differences for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time windowsCORSTJENS, Jeroen; CARIS, An; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1