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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12017On the realisability of double-cross matrices by polylines in the planeMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, BartJournal ContributionA1
22016Uncertainty-Based Map Matching: The Space-Time Prism and k-Shortest Path AlgorithmMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; Vaisman, Alejandro; OTHMAN, WaliedJournal ContributionA1
32016Algebraic and Geometric Characterizations of Double-Cross Matrices of PolylinesMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, BartJournal ContributionA1
42015Qualitative similarity measures and map matching techniques for trajectory dataMOELANS, BartTheses and DissertationsT1
52015Algebraic and geometric characterizations of double-cross matrices of polylinesMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, BartResearch ReportR2
62015On the realisability of double-cross matrices by polylines in the planeMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, BartResearch ReportR2
72011A State-ofA-the-Art in Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing, OLAP and MiningGómez, Leticia; MOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroBook SectionB2
82010A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Data WarehousingGómez, Leticia; MOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroBook SectionB2
92009Map matching and uncertainty: an algorithm and real-world experimentsMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; Van Goidsenhoven, Dries; VAISMAN, Alejandro; GHYS, Kristof; OTHMAN, WaliedProceedings PaperC1
102009A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Data WarehousingMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, Alejandro; Gomez, LeticiaJournal ContributionA1
112009Analyzing Trajectories Using Uncertainty and Background InformationMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, Alejandro; OTHMAN, WaliedProceedings PaperC1
122008Recognizing patterns of movements in visitor flows in nature areas.MOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; van Marwijk, Ramona; Ligtenberg, ArendProceedings PaperC2
132008Wireless Network Data Sources: Tracking and Synthesizing TrajectoriesPelekis, N.; MOELANS, Bart; Puntoni, S.; Pini, F.; Frentzos, E.; Renso, C.; Mazzoni, A.Book SectionB2
142008Towards a geometric interpretation of double-cross matrix-based similarity of polylinesMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, BartProceedings PaperC1
152008Privacy Protection: Regulations and Technologies, Opportunities and ThreatsVERYKIOS, Vassilios; Malin, Brad; MOELANS, Bart; SAYGIN, Yucel; Atzori, Maurizio; PEDRESCHI, Dino; BONCHI, Francesco; TURINI, FrancoBook SectionB2
162008Privacy Preserving ID3 over Horizontally, Vertically and Grid Partitioned DataLEMMENS, Vanessa; MOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; TUYLS, KarlPreprintO
172007Towards Semantic Trajectory Knowledge DiscoveryMOELANS, Bart; KUIJPERS, Bart; Tietbohl Palma, Andrey; Fernandes de Macedo, Jose Antonio; BOGORNY, Vania; ALVARES, Luis OtavioResearch ReportR2
182007Filtering Frequent Spatial Patterns with Qualitative Spatial ReasoningMOELANS, Bart; BOGORNY, Vania; ALVARES, Luis OtavioProceedings PaperC2
192007Dynamic Modeling of Trajectory Patterns using Data Mining and Reverse EngineeringMOELANS, Bart; FERNANDES de MACEDO, J.A.; SPACCAPIETRA, Stefano; BOGORNY, Vania; ALVARES, Luis OtavioProceedings PaperC2
202007Filtering frequent geographic patterns with qualitative spatial reasoning.MOELANS, Bart; BOGORNY, Vania; ALVARES, Luis OtavioProceedings PaperC1