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12022Factors stimulating the integration of transformative learning for sustainable development in higher education institutionsJANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, Tom; Mula, Ingrid; Staniskiene, Egle; Zimmermann, Anne B.Conference MaterialC2
22022“Assessment” of European quality assurance frameworks: Do they practice what European policy documents about sustainability in higher education preach?JANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, Tom; Mula, Ingrid; Staniskiene, Egle; Zimmermann, Anne B.Conference MaterialC2
32022Do European quality assurance frameworks support integration of transformative learning for sustainable development in higher education?JANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, Tom; Mula, Ingrid; Staniskiene, Egle; Zimmermann, Anne B.Journal ContributionA1
42022Transformative learning for sustainability in economics educationJANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2
52021Societal Techno-Economic Assessment of Biochar Production and Use as Soil AmendmentCAMPION, Luca; MALINA, Robert; HAELDERMANS, Tom; KUPPENS, TomProceedings PaperC1
62021Serious Games in Secondary Education to Introduce Circular Economy: Experiences With the Game EcoCEOROBA, Julie; KUPPENS, Tom; JANSSENS, Lise; Smeets, Anse; Manshoven, Saskia; STRUYVEN, KatrienJournal ContributionA2
72021Societal techno-economic assessment of biochar production and use as soil amendmentCAMPION, Luca; MALINA, Robert; HAELDERMANS, Tom; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2
82021Duurzaamheid integreren in de lessen economieKUPPENS, Tom; JANSSENS, Lise; ADRIAENSENS, CharlotteBook SectionB2
92021Biochar’s effect on the ecosystem services provided by sandy-textured and contaminated sandy soils: a systematic review protocolBEKCHANOVA, Madina; CAMPION, Luca; BRUNS, Stephan; KUPPENS, Tom; JOZEFCZAK, Marijke; CUYPERS, Ann; MALINA, RobertJournal ContributionA1
102021Evaluation study WPT2 – alternative fundingSWINNEN, Leen; ZANONI, Patrizia; KUPPENS, TomResearch ReportR2
112021Techno-economic assessment of agrominingKUPPENS, Tom; NAVARRO PINEDA, FreddyConference MaterialC2
122020Onderzoeksproject Circulair Leren Ondernemen (VFO e-studiedag)ADRIAENSENS, Charlotte; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2
132020Competenties voor een duurzame economieJANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2
142020Identifying social indicators for sustainability assessment of CCU technologies: a modified multi-criteria decision makingRAFIAANI, Parisa; DIKOPOULOU, Zoumpolia; VAN DAEL, Miet; KUPPENS, Tom; AZADI, Hossein; Lebailly, Philippe; VAN PASSEL, StevenJournal ContributionA1
152020Developments of Tertiary Level Studies in Biotechnologies and Their Applications in Environmental BioengineeringGalit, Indira; Radu, Nicoleta; Chirvase, Ana Aurelia; Caramihai, Mihai Dan; Sarrà, Montserrat; Blánquez, Paqui; KUPPENS, Tom; ADRIAENSENS, Charlotte; Babeanu, NarcisaProceedings PaperC1
162020Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Education: A Solution for Today’s Education in a Circular BioeconomyZaharie, Marilena Gabriela; Caramihai, Mihai; Adroguer, Montserrat; Blánquez, Paqui; KUPPENS, Tom; Radu, NicoletaProceedings PaperC1
172020A comparative techno-economic assessment of biochar production from different residue streams using conventional and microwave pyrolysisHAELDERMANS, Tom; CAMPION, Luca; KUPPENS, Tom; VANREPPELEN, Kenny; CUYPERS, Ann; SCHREURS, SonjaJournal ContributionA1
182020Competences of the professional of the future in the circular economy: Evidence from the case of Limburg, BelgiumJANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, Tom; VAN SCHOUBROECK, SophieJournal ContributionA1
192019Hoe kan je duurzaamheid integreren in de lessen economie?JANSSENS, Lise; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2
202019Articulating autonomy beyond the cracks in capitalism: Reading the case of The Old Barn through a theory of autonomyDECAT, Suzanne; ZANONI, Patrizia; KUPPENS, TomConference MaterialC2