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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12012Multiagent Learning: Basics, Challenges, and ProspectsTUYLS, Karl ; Weiss, GerhardJournal ContributionA1
22008Privacy Preserving ID3 over Horizontally, Vertically and Grid Partitioned DataKUIJPERS, Bart ; LEMMENS, Vanessa; MOELANS, Bart ; TUYLS, Karl PreprintO
32007The pattern memory of gene-protein networksWESTRA, Ronald ; HOLLANDERS, Goele ; BEX, Geert Jan ; GYSSENS, Marc ; TUYLS, Karl Journal ContributionA1
42007On phase transitions in learning sparse networksHOLLANDERS, Goele ; BEX, Geert Jan ; GYSSENS, Marc ; WESTRA, Ronald ; TUYLS, Karl Journal ContributionA1
52007Learning Sparse Networks From Poor DataHOLLANDERS, Goele ; BEX, Geert Jan ; GYSSENS, Marc ; WESTRA, Ronald ; TUYLS, Karl Proceedings PaperC2
62007The Identification of Dynamic Gene-Protein NetworksWESTRA, Ronald ; HOLLANDERS, Goele ; BEX, Geert Jan ; GYSSENS, Marc ; TUYLS, Karl Journal ContributionA2
72007On Phase Transitions in Learning Sparse NetworksHOLLANDERS, Goele ; BEX, Geert Jan ; GYSSENS, Marc ; TUYLS, Karl ; WESTRA, Ronald Proceedings PaperC2
82006Reconstruction of flexible gene-protein interaction networks using piecewise linear modeling and robust regressionWESTRA, Ronald ; Peeters, R.L.M.; HOLLANDERS, Goele ; TUYLS, Karl Proceedings PaperC1
92006An evolutionary dynamical analysis of multi-agent learning in iterated gamesTUYLS, Karl ; 't Hoen, P.; Vanschoenwinkel, B.Journal ContributionA1
102006Inference of Concise DTDs from XML DataBEX, Geert Jan ; NEVEN, Frank ; Schwentick, T; TUYLS, Karl Proceedings PaperC2
112005BNAIC 2005: proceedings of the 17th Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial IntelligenceVerbeeck, K.; TUYLS, Karl ; Nowé, A.; Manderick, Bernard; KUIJPERS, Bart BookB3
122005The evolutionary language game: An orthogonal approachJLENAERTS, Theo; Jansen, B; TUYLS, Karl ; De Vylder, BJournal ContributionA1
132005Privacy in Multi-Agent Learning: Securely Inducing a Multi-Agent Decision TreeTUYLS, Karl ; KUIJPERS, Bart Proceedings PaperC2
142005Multi-agent relational reinforcement learningTUYLS, Karl ; Croonenborghs, T.; Ramon, J.; Goetschalckx, R.; Bruynooghe, M.Journal ContributionA1
152005Multi-agent reinforcement learning in stochastic single and multi-stage gamesVerbeeck, Katja; Nowé, Ann; Peeters, Maarten; TUYLS, Karl Proceedings PaperC1
162005Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS 2005)TUYLS, Karl ; Verbeeck, K.; 't Hoen, P.J.; Sen, Sa.BookB3
172005Towards a common lexicon in the naming game: the dynamics of synonymy reductionTUYLS, Karl ; Devylder, B.Proceedings PaperC2
182004Analyzing Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Using Evolutionary Dynamics't Hoen, Pieter Jan; TUYLS, Karl Journal ContributionA1
192004An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Perspective on Learning in Multi-Agent SystemsTUYLS, Karl ; Lenaerts, Tom; Manderick, BernardJournal ContributionA1
202003A selection-mutation model for q-learning in multi-agent systemsTUYLS, Karl ; Verbeeck, Katja; Lenaerts, TomProceedings PaperC1