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12013Mapping leisure-shopping trip decision making: validation of the CNET interview protocolDE CEUNYNCK, Tim; WETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; JANSSENS, DavyJournal ContributionA1
22012Mental maps and travel behaviour: meanings and modelsWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; VANHOOF, Koen; Espinosa, Maikel León; JANSSENS, DavyJournal ContributionA1
32011What drives people? Analyzing leisure-shopping trip decisions makingDE CEUNYNCK, Tim; WETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; JANSSENS, DavyProceedings PaperC1
42011An Interactive Computer-Based Interface to Support the Discovery of Individuals' Mental Representations and Preferences in Decisions Problems: An Application to Travel Behavior.WETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; VANHOOF, Koen; DEPAIRE, Benoit; JANSSENS, Davy; Dellaert, BenedictJournal ContributionA1
52011Scrutinizing fun-shopping travel decisions: modelling individuals mental representationsKUSUMASTUTI, DianaTheses and DissertationsT1
62010Capturing Individuals’ Mental Representation of Leisure-Shopping Travel Decisions to Inform Activity-Based Models of Travel DemandWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; JANSSENS, Davy; Dellaert, B.Proceedings PaperC2
72010Scrutinizing individuals' leisure-shopping travel decisions to appraise activity-based models of travel demandWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; Dellaert, B.G.C.; JANSSENS, DavyJournal ContributionA1
82009What drives leisure travel decisions? Exploring contextual, instrumental and psychological aspects of student's choices related to fun shopping in the city centre of HasseltWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; JANSSENS, Davy; Dellaert, B.Proceedings PaperC2
92009Modeling multiple meanings of mental mapsWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; VANHOOF, Koen; JANSSENS, Davy; Léon Espinosa, MaikelProceedings PaperC2
102009Qualitative and quantitative comparisons of the CNET interview and the CNET card game to explore contextual, instrumentalWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; Arentze, T.; JANSSENS, Davy; Dellaert, B.Proceedings PaperC2
112008Application and adaptation of the CNET interview protocol for the construction of individual decision networks of complex leisure travel decisionsWETS, Geert; HANNES, Els; KUSUMASTUTI, Diana; JANSSENS, Davy; Dellaert, Benedict G.C.Conference MaterialC2