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12022The Comfort Tool – assessment and promotion of energy efficiency and universal design in home renovationsHERSSENS, Jasmien; NUYTS, Erik; KAPEDANI, Ermal; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
22022Evaluation of occupants’ satisfaction in green and non-green office buildings in Dar es Salaam-TanzaniaNKINI, Saul; Swai, Ombeni; NUYTS, Erik; Kassenga, Gabriel; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
32021A design process for a resident-oriented, sufficiency-based energy renovation approach for dwellingsBOSSEREZ, Ann; VERBEECK, GrietProceedings PaperC1
42021Personal Heating in Dwellings as an Innovative, Energy-Sufficient Heating Practice: A Case Study ResearchKNAPEN, Elke; VERBEECK, Griet; VAN LOY, NickJournal ContributionA1
52020Literature review – Impact of the property tax on energy efficiency and sustainable land useTARANU, Victoria; VERBEECK, GrietResearch ReportR2
62020Property tax and energy efficiency in the residential sector. Interviews with EPB certifiersTARANU, Victoria; VERBEECK, GrietResearch ReportR2
72020Sensitivity Analysis of Passive Design Strategies for Residential Buildings in Cold Semi-Arid ClimatesReiter, Sigrid; Attia, Shady; MAHAR, Waqas Ahmed; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
82020Energetisch renoveren - focus op de woning of op de bewoners?BOSSEREZ, Ann; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA3
92020Upgrading the energy label for dwellings in Flanders: an example of a behaviourally informed policy toolNUYTS, Erik; TARANU, Victoria; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
102020Passive and active personalized heating systems at a lower indoor ambient temperatureKNAPEN, Elke; VERBEECK, Griet; VAN LOY, NickJournal ContributionA1
112020‘Building Beyond Borders’ Project-based learning from, with & for the worldCOECKELBERGHS, Nicolas; WINKELS, Peggy; KNAPEN, Elke; JANSSENS, Bart; VERBEECK, GrietProceedings PaperC1
122020Proceedings of 1st Fall Symposium Building Beyond Borders; Reflecting on the dynamisms of intercultural collaboration in build projectsCOECKELBERGHS, Nicolas; WINKELS, Peggy; KNAPEN, Elke; JANSSENS, Bart; VERBEECK, GrietBookB1
132020Renovation rate as a tool towards achieving SDGs 11 and 13GEPTS, Bieke; NUYTS, Erik; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
152019EXIT 2019 ArchitectuurBERNAKIEWICZ, Iwert; DEVOLDERE, Stefan; VANRIE, Jan; LENS, Inge; VERBEECK, GrietBookB3
162019Betaalbaarheid en haalbaarheid van duurzaam wonen voor kwetsbare groepenVanderstraeten, Lieve; Heylen, Kristof; VERBEECK, GrietBook SectionB2
172019An Investigation of Thermal Comfort of Houses in Dry and Semi-Arid Climates of Quetta, PakistanMahar, Waqas Ahmed; Singh, Manoj Kumar; Attia, Shady; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
182019Potential of spatial use patterns for developing localized conditioning systems to reduce energy consumptionKNAPEN, Elke; VERBEECK, Griet; VAN LOY, NickProceedings PaperC1
192019Existing databases as means to explore the potential of the buildingstock as material bankGEPTS, Bieke; KNAPEN, Elke; MEEX, Elke; NUYTS, Erik; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1
202019Designing for the future? Integrating energy efficiency and universal design in Belgian passive housesHERSSENS, Jasmien; KAPEDANI, Ermal; VERBEECK, GrietJournal ContributionA1