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DION, Robert
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12015Mitral valve area during exercise after restrictive mitral valve annuloplasty: importance of diastolic anterior leaflet tethering.BERTRAND, Philippe; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Verhaert, David; SMEETS, Christophe; GRIETEN, Lars; MULLENS, Wilfried; GUTERMANN, Herbert; DION, Robert; Levine, Robert; VANDERVOORT, PieterJournal ContributionA1
22014Tricuspid annuloplasty concomitant with mitral valve surgery: effects on right ventricular remodellingBERTRAND, Philippe; Koppers, Gille; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; MULLENS, Wilfried; Reyskens, Rozette; GUTERMANN, Herbert; VAN KERREBROECK, Christiaan; DION, Robert; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; Verhaert, DavidJournal ContributionM
32014Pulmonary Homograft Endocarditis and Aortic Autograft Failure after Ross Procedure: A Double Stentless Bioprosthesis ApproachSMEETS, Christophe; BERTRAND, Philippe; Spadaccio, Cristiano; Beran, Maud; Verhaert, David; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; GUTERMANN, Herbert; DION, RobertJournal ContributionA1
42014Tricuspid annuloplasty concomitant with mitral valve surgery: Effects on right ventricular remodelingBERTRAND, Philippe; KOPPERS, Gille; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; MULLENS, Wilfried; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; DION, Robert; VERHAERT, DavidJournal ContributionA1
52014Functional impact of transmitral gradients at rest and during exercise after restrictive annuloplasty for ischemic mitral regurgitation.BERTRAND, Philippe; GUTERMANN, Herbert; SMEETS, Christophe; VAN KERREBROECK, Christiaan; VERHAERT, David; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; DION, RobertJournal ContributionA1
62013Clinical outcomes after tricuspid valve annuloplasty in addition to mitral valve surgeryKoppers, Gille; Verhaert, David; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Reyskens, Rozette; GUTERMANN, Herbert; VAN KERREBROECK, Christiaan; Tang, W.H.Wilson; DION, Robert; MULLENS, WilfriedJournal ContributionA2
72011Analysis of right ventricular dimensions and function after tricuspid valvuloplasty concomitant with complex left-sided heart surgeryKoppers, G.; Reyskens, R.; MULLENS, Wilfried; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; DENS, Jo; GUTERMANN, Herbert; VAN KERREBROECK, Christiaan; DION, Robert; Verhaert, D.Journal ContributionM