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12014Amphiphilic N-methylimidazole-functionalized diblock copolythiophenesGHOOS, Toon; VANORMELINGEN, Wouter; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; Defour, Maxime; Gohy, Jean-Francois; MAES, Wouter; Schubert, Ulrich S.; Van Mele, Bruno; Brassinne, Jérémy; Van den Brande, Niko; LUTSEN, Laurence; Hoeppener, Stephanie; Fustin, Charles-AndréJournal ContributionA1
22013Synthesis and characterization of imidazolium-substituted ionic (co)polythiophenes for applications in organic photovoltaicsGHOOS, ToonTheses and DissertationsT1
32013Imidazolium-Substituted Polythiophenes as Efficient Electron Transport Materials Improving Photovoltaic PerformanceMANCA, Jean; GHOOS, Toon; LUTSEN, Laurence; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; Aernouts, Tom; PENXTEN, Huguette; VANGERVEN, Tim; Verreet, Bregt; DRIJKONINGEN, Jeroen; KESTERS, Jurgen; MAES, Wouter; Lyons, Dani M.Journal ContributionA1
42013Solution-processed bi-layer polythiophene-fullerene organic solar cellsGHOOS, Toon; Bolink, Henk J.; Malinkiewicz, Olga; LUTSEN, Laurence; CONINGS, Bert; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; MAES, WouterJournal ContributionA1
52013Ionic high-performance light harvesting and carrier transporting OPV materialsMANCA, Jean; GHOOS, Toon; VANORMELINGEN, Wouter; Malinkiewicz, Olga; LUTSEN, Laurence; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; DRIJKONINGEN, Jeroen; Bolink, H. J.; MAES, Wouter; KESTERS, JurgenProceedings PaperC1
62013Imidazolium-substituted ionic (co)polythiophenes: Compositional influence on solution behavior and thermal propertiesGHOOS, Toon; Brassinne, Jeremy; Van Mele, Bruno; Van den Brande, Niko; LUTSEN, Laurence; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; Defour, Maxime; Gohy, Jean-Francois; MAES, Wouter; Fustin, Charles-AndreJournal ContributionA1