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HANSEN, Dominique
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12022Can an increased physical activity be effective in case of weight regain?HANSEN, Dominique Conference MaterialC2
22022How to optimize the adherence to pharmacological therapy and lifestyle changes in cardiovascular secondary preventionHANSEN, Dominique Conference MaterialC2
32022Impact of Exercise Modalities on Peripheral and Central Components of Cardiorespiratory Capacity in Heart Transplantation Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisTURRI DA SILVA, Natalia ; Valdez Santos, Francisco; Caldas Rodrigues, Wanessa Camilly; Freire, Josuelir Silva; Cahalin, Lawrence C; VERBOVEN, Kenneth ; Quaglioti Durigan, João Luiz; HANSEN, Dominique ; Cipriano, GersonJournal ContributionA1
42022High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in cardiopulmonary rehabilitationHANSEN, Dominique Conference MaterialC2
52022Phase III multidisciplinary exercise-based rehabilitation is associated with fewer hospitalizations due to adverse cardiovascular events in coronary artery disease patientsHANSEN, Dominique ; Mathijs, Wout; Michiels, Yannah; Bonne, Kim; Alders, Toon; Hermans, Ann; COPERMANS, Katrien ; Swinnen, Hans; Maris, Vincent; TIMMERMANS, Ine ; Vaes , Johan; Govaerts, Emmanuela; Reenaers, Veerle; FREDERIX, Ines ; Doherty, Patrick J.; DENDALE, Paul Journal ContributionA1
62022Exercise intensity assessment and prescription in cardiovascular rehabilitation and beyond: why and how. A position statement from the Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation Section of the European Association of Preventive CardiologyHANSEN, Dominique ; Abreu, Ana; Ambrosetti, Marco; Cornelissen, Veronique; Gevaert, Andreas; Kemps, Hareld; Laukkanen, Jari; Pedretti, Roberto; Simonenko, Maria; Wilhelm, MatthiasJournal ContributionA1
72022Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Internet-Based and Patient-Specific Telerehabilitation Program applied to cardiovascular rehabilitationHANSEN, Dominique Conference MaterialC2
82022The SharedHeart Approach: Technology-Supported Shared Decision Making to Increase Physical Activity in Cardiac PatientsBONNEUX, Cindel ; HANSEN, Dominique ; DENDALE, Paul ; CONINX, Karin Proceedings PaperC1
92022Health and Academic Performance with Happy Children (HAPHC): a controlled longitudinal study based on the HOPP projectGoswami, Nandu; HANSEN, Dominique ; Gumze, Goran; Brix, Bianca; Schmid-Zalaudek, Karin; Fredriksen, Per MortenJournal ContributionA1
102022Exercise training for cardiovascular patients: Push me across the threshold!Ambrosetti, Marco; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA2
112022Physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation: individually prescribed medicineHANSEN, Dominique Conference MaterialC2
122022Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data-Driven Rehabilitation: The next frontier in the management of cardiometabolic disordersLandry, Michel; Wychen, Van; Hellinckx, Peter; Rowe, Michael; Ahmadi, Elaheh; CONINX, Karin ; Mercelis, Siegfried; HANSEN, Dominique ; VISSERS, DirkJournal ContributionA1
132022Sensitivity and specificity of different exercise oscillatory ventilation definitions to predict 2-year major adverse cardiovascular outcomes in chronic heart failure patientsDos Santos Ribeiro, Gustavo; Deresz, Luís; Salvioni, Elisabetta; HANSEN, Dominique ; Agostoni, Piergiuseppe; Karsten, MarlusJournal ContributionA1
142022The need for long-term personalized management of frail CVD patients by rehabilitation and telemonitoring: a frameworkSCHERRENBERG, Martijn ; MARINUS, Nastasia ; Giallauria, Francesco; FALTER, Maarten ; Kemps, Hareld; Wilhelm, Matthias; Prescott, Eva; Vigorito, Carlo; De Kluiver, Ed; Cipriano, Gerson; DENDALE, Paul ; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA1
152022Impact of continuous vs. interval training on oxygen extraction and cardiac function during exercise in type 2 diabetes mellitusVAN RYCKEGHEM, Lisa ; KEYTSMAN, Charly ; DE BRANDT, Jana ; VERBOVEN, Kenneth ; Verbaanderd, Elvire; MARINUS, Nastasia ; FRANSSEN, Wouter ; FREDERIX, Ines ; Bakelants, Elise; Petit, Thibault; Jogani, Siddharth; Stroobants, Sarah; DENDALE, Paul ; BITO, Virginie ; VERWERFT, Jan ; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA1
162022Frailty Test Battery Development including Physical, Socio-Psychological and Cognitive Domains for Cardiovascular Disease Patients: A Preliminary StudyMARINUS, Nastasia ; Vigorito, Carlo; Giallauria, Francesco; DENDALE, Paul ; MEESEN, Raf ; Bokken, Kevin; Haenen , Laura; Jansegers, Thomas; Vandenheuvel, Yenthe; SCHERRENBERG, Martijn ; SPILDOOREN, Joke ; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA1
172022A Mobile Application to Perform the Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) at Home: A Random Walk in the Park Is as Accurate as a Standardized 6MWTSCHERRENBERG, Martijn ; BONNEUX, Cindel ; MAHMOOD, Deeman ; HANSEN, Dominique ; DENDALE, Paul ; CONINX, Karin Journal ContributionA1
182022Muscle-Skeletal Abnormalities and Muscle Oxygenation during Isokinetic Strength Exercise in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Phenotype: A Cross-Sectional StudyVale‐Lira, Amanda; TURRI DA SILVA, Natalia ; VERBOVEN, Kenneth ; Quagliotti Durigan, João Luiz; de Lima, Alexandra Corrêa G. B.; Bottaro, Martim; Chiappa, Gaspar R.; HANSEN, Dominique ; Cipriano, GersonJournal ContributionA1
192021Exercise capacity is related to attenuated responses in oxygen extraction and left ventricular longitudinal strain in asymptomatic type 2 diabetes patientsVAN RYCKEGHEM, Lisa ; KEYTSMAN, Charly ; VERBOVEN, Kenneth ; Verbaanderd, Elvire; FREDERIX, Ines ; Bakelants , Elise; Petit, Thibault; Jogani, Siddharth; Stroobants , Sarah; DENDALE, Paul ; BITO, Virginie ; VERWERFT, Jan ; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA1
202021Asymptomatic type 2 diabetes mellitus display a reduced myocardial deformation but adequate response during exerciseVAN RYCKEGHEM, Lisa ; KEYTSMAN, Charly ; Verbaanderd, Elvire; FREDERIX, Ines ; Bakelants, Elise; Petit, Thibault; Jogani, Siddharth; Stroobants, Sarah; DENDALE, Paul ; BITO, Virginie ; VERWERFT, Jan ; HANSEN, Dominique Journal ContributionA1