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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12022On matrices and K-relationsBRIJDER, Robert ; GYSSENS, Marc ; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan Journal ContributionA1
22022A characterization of circle graphs in terms of total unimodularityBRIJDER, Robert ; Traldi, LorenzoJournal ContributionA1
32021DNAQL: a query language for DNA sticker complexesBRIJDER, Robert ; GILLIS, Joris ; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan Journal ContributionA1
42020A Characterization of Circle Graphs in Terms of Multimatroid RepresentationsBRIJDER, Robert ; Traldi, LorenzoJournal ContributionA1
52020On matrices and K-relationsBRIJDER, Robert ; GYSSENS, Marc ; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan Proceedings PaperC1
62020Counterexamples to a conjecture of Las VergnasBRIJDER, Robert ; Hoogeboom, Hendrik JanJournal ContributionA1
72019MATLANG: Matrix operations and their expressive powerBRIJDER, Robert ; GEERTS, Floris ; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan ; WEERWAG, Timmy Journal ContributionA1
82019Graphs Associated With DNA Rearrangements and Their PolynomialsBRIJDER, Robert ; Hoogeboom, Hendrik Jan; Jonoska, NataĊĦa; Saito, MasahicoBook SectionB2
92019On the Expressive Power of Query Languages for MatricesBRIJDER, Robert ; Geerts, Floris; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan ; WEERWAG, Timmy Journal ContributionA1
102019Computing with chemical reaction networks: a tutorialBRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1
112018Special Issue: DNA Computing and Molecular Programming 2017-Selected papers from 2017 Conference/Special Issue: A Natural Computing Approach to Synthetic and Systems Biology PrefaceBRIJDER, Robert ; Qian, LuluJournal ContributionA2
122018Orienting transversals and transition polynomials of multimatroidsBRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1
132018On the expressive power of query languages for matricesBRIJDER, Robert ; GEERTS, Floris ; VAN DEN BUSSCHE, Jan ; WEERWAG, Timmy Proceedings PaperC1
142018Conditions for Extinction Events in Chemical Reaction Networks with Discrete State SpacesJohnston, Matthew D.; Anderson, David F.; Craciun, Gheorghe; BRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1
152018Democratic, existential, and consensus-based output conventions in stable computation by chemical reaction networksBRIJDER, Robert ; Doty, David; Soloveichik, DavidJournal ContributionA1
162017Sorting by reversals and the theory of 4-regular graphsBRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1
172017Dominance and deficiency for Petri nets and chemical reaction networksBRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1
182017Isotropic matroids III: ConnectivityBRIJDER, Robert ; Traldi, LorenzoJournal ContributionA1
192016Robustness of Expressivity in Chemical Reaction NetworksBRIJDER, Robert ; Doty, David; Soloveichik, DavidProceedings PaperC1
202016Minimal output unstable configurations in chemical reaction networks and decidersBRIJDER, Robert Journal ContributionA1