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12022Mitral Annular Dynamics in AF Versus Sinus Rhythm Novel Insights Into the Mechanism of AFMRDAUW, Jeroen; Thoelen, Kevin; VANDERVOORT, Pieter; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth; DEFERM, Sebastien; Rega, Filip; Levine, Robert A.; Verhaert , David; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Thomas, James D.; BERTRAND, Philippe; Giesen, AlexanderJournal ContributionA1
22022Detection of Left Atrial Myopathy Using Artificial Intelligence–Enabled ElectrocardiographyNoseworthy, Peter A.; Attia, Zachi I.; Kapa, Suraj; Borlaug, Barry A.; Reddy, Yogesh N. V.; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Lopez-Jimenez, Francisco; Friedman, Paul A.Journal ContributionA1
32022The European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care (EHJ ACVC) 2022: message from the editorial boardVRANCKX, Pascal; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Morrow, DavidJournal ContributionA2
42022Appointment as patient advocacy associate editorVRANCKX, Pascal; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Morrow, DavidJournal ContributionA2
52022Renal effects of guideline‐directed medical therapies in heart failure: a consensus document from the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of CardiologyFranke, Jennifer; Damman, Kevin; Metra, Marco; Chioncel, Ovidiu; Lassus, Johan; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Thum, Thomas; Tang, W. H. Wilson; Rosano, Giuseppe; Martens, Pieter; Rossignol, Patrick; Orso, Francesco; Iacoviello, Massimo; Fudim, Marat; MULLENS, Wilfried; Coats, Andrew; Flammer, Andreas J.; Jankowska, Ewa A.; Skouri, Hadi; Palazzuoli, Alberto; Marcos, Marta Cobo; Miro, Oscar; Seferovic, Petar; Barragan, Paola Morejon; Milicic, Davor; Hill, Loreena; Testani, Jeffrey M.Journal ContributionA1
62022Exercise Systolic Reserve and Exercise Pulmonary Hypertension Improve Diagnosis of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection FractionClaessen , Guido; HERBOTS, Lieven; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; VERWERFT, Jan; Gevaert, Andreas B.; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1
72022Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in patients with normal natriuretic peptide levels is associated with increased morbidity and mortalitySorimachi, Hidemi; Obokata, Masaru; Borlaug, Barry A.; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Omote, Kazunori; Reddy, Yogesh N., VJournal ContributionA1
82022Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: Mechanisms and Treatment StrategiesBorlaug, Barry A.; Omote, Kazunori; VERBRUGGE, FrederikJournal ContributionA1
92022Sex and central obesity in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionSorimachi, Hidemi; Obokata, Masaru; Miles, John M.; Borlaug, Barry A.; Popovic, Dejana; Omote, Kazunori; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Lin , Grace; Jensen, Michael D.; Reddy, Yogesh N., V; Omar, MassarJournal ContributionA1
102021Iron Deficiency Is Associated With Impaired Biventricular Reserve and Reduced Exercise Capacity in Patients With Unexplained DyspneaClaessen , G; MARTENS, Pieter; HERBOTS, Lieven; van de Bruaene, A; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; VERWERFT, Jan; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1
112021Obesity, venous capacitance, and venous compliance in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionReddy, YNV; Borlaug, BA; Burkhoff, D; Sunagawa, K; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Obokata, M; Sorimachi, H; Takahashi, N; Omote, KJournal ContributionA1
122021Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Echocardiography to Identify Mechanisms of Unexplained DyspneaBorlaug, BA; MARTENS, Pieter; HERBOTS, Lieven; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Timmermans, P; VERWERFT, Jan; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1
132021SPOT the DIAGNOSISMorrow, David A; VRANCKX, Pascal; VERBRUGGE, FrederikJournal ContributionA2
142021Inpatient Diuretic Management of Acute Heart Failure: A Practical ReviewStoletniy, Liset; Abramov, Dmitry; Nandkeolyar, Shuktika; Hilliard, Anthony; Jung, Sharon; Ali, Saif; Sakr, Antoine; VERBRUGGE, FrederikJournal ContributionA1
152021Diagnostic scores predict morbidity and mortality in patients hospitalized for heart failure with preserved ejection fractionSorimachi, Hidemi; Carter, Rickey E.; Borlaug, Barry A.; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Omote, Kazunori; Reddy, Yogesh N., VJournal ContributionA1
162021Mild aortic valve disease and the diastolic pressure–volume relationship in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionReddy, YNV; Borlaug, BA; Burkhoff, D; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Eleid, MF; Lin, G.Journal ContributionA1
172021Managing Patients With Short-Term Mechanical Circulatory Support JACC Review Topic of the WeekVandenbriele, Christophe; Rex, Steffen; Van Mieghem, Nicolas; Meyns, Bart; Janssens, Stefan; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Price, Susanna; Den Uil, Corstiaan; Engstroem, Annemarie; Adriaenssens, Tom; Balthazar, TimJournal ContributionA1
182021Pathophysiologic importance of visceral adipose tissue in women with heart failure and preserved ejection fractionKhosla, S; Reddy, YNV; Borlaug, BA; Jain, CC; VERBRUGGE, Frederik; Obokata, M; Koepp, KE; Jensen, MD; Sorimachi, H; Takahashi, NJournal ContributionA1
192020Navigating the risks in acute heart failureVERBRUGGE, FrederikJournal ContributionA2
202020Getting the “Right” Perspective on Angiotensin Receptor–Neprilysin Inhibition in Heart FailureBorlaug, Barry A.; VERBRUGGE, FrederikJournal ContributionA2