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12019High dimensional surrogacy: computational aspects of an upscaled analysisBiecek, Przemyslaw; MOLENBERGHS, Geert; SENGUPTA, Rudradev; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, Ziv; BIJNENS, LucJournal ContributionA1
22017Applied Surrogate Endpoint Evaluation Methods with SAS and RALONSO ABAD, Ariel; BURZYKOWSKI, Tomasz; MOLENBERGHS, Geert; MUCHENE, Leacky; BUYSE, Marc; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; VAN DER ELST, Wim; SHKEDY, Ziv; BIGIRUMURAME, TheophileBookB1
32016Weighted similarity-based clustering of chemical structures and bioactivity data in early drug discoveryTalloen, Willem; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; Göhlmann, Hinrich W. H.; SHKEDY, Ziv; VAN MOERBEKE, Marijke; Kasim, AdetayoJournal ContributionA1
42016A joint modeling approach for uncovering associations between gene expression, bioactivity and chemical structure in early drug discovery to guide lead selection and genomic biomarker developmentTalloen, Willem; QSTAR Consortium; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; Hinrich Ghoelmann; SHKEDY, Ziv; KHAMIAKOVA, Tatsiana; Kasim, Adetayo; OTAVA, Martin; Verbist, BieJournal ContributionA1
52016High-Dimensional Biomarkers in Drug Discovery: The QSTAR FrameworkTaloen, Willem; SENGUPTA, Rudradev; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, Ziv; BIGIRUMURAME, Theophile; BIJNENS, Luc; Kasim, Adetayo; Verbist, Bie; Göhlmann, Hinrich W.H.Book SectionB2
62016Identification of Local Patterns in the NBA Performance IndicatorsSENGUPTA, Rudradev; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, ZivBook SectionB2
72016The biclustGUI Shiny AppKaiser, Sebastian; SENGUPTA, Rudradev; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, Ziv; OTAVA, Martin; Klambauer, Gunter; Csardi, Gabor; DE TROYER, Ewoud; Hochreiter, Sepp; Gusenleitner, Daniel; Clevert, Djork-Arne; Culhane, Aedin; Zhang, Jitao David; Kasim, Adetayo; Gestraud, PierreBook SectionB2
82015Integrated analysis of multi-source data in drug discovery experiments using structural equation modelsPERUALILA, Nolen Joy; KASIM, Adetayo; SHKEDY, Ziv; BIGIRUMURAME, TheophileProceedings PaperC2
92015Integrative Methods for the Analysis of Structure-Transcription-Assay-Relationships in Drug Discovery and Early DevelopmentPERUALILA, Nolen JoyTheses and DissertationsT1
102015IntegratedJM: Joint Modeling of the Gene-Expression and Bioassay Data, Taking Care of the Effect Due to a Fingerprint FeatureSENGUPTA, Rudradev; PERUALILA, Nolen JoyOtherO
112014Modeling of bioassay data and genes expression in drug discovery experiments: A supervised principal component analysis approachPERUALILA, Nolen Joy; KASIM, Adetayo; SHKEDY, Ziv; BIGIRUMURAME, TheophileConference MaterialC2
122014Development of genetic biomarkers in drug discovery and early drug development experimentsTalloen, Willem; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, Ziv; Kasim, Adetayo; Goehlmann, HinrichProceedings PaperC2
132014Connecting gene expression data from connectivity map and in silico target predictions for small molecule mechanism-of-action analysisQstar Consortium; TALLOEN, Willem; PERUALILA, Nolen Joy; SHKEDY, Ziv; Drakakis, Georgios; KASIM, Adetayo; Ravindranath, Aakash Chavan; Gohlmann, Hinrich; Bender, Andreas; Brewerton, Suzanne; Bodkin, Michael; Liggi, Sonia; Bhagwat, Aditya; Mason, DanielJournal ContributionA1