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12017Mothers of Deaf Children in the 21st Century. Dynamic Positioning Between the Medical and Cultural-Linguistic DiscoursesMatthijs, Liesbeth; HARDONK, Stefan ; Sermijn, Jasmina; Van Puyvelde, Martine; Leigh, Greg; Van Herreweghe, Mieke; Loots, GerritJournal ContributionA1
22016Constructing positive identities in ableist workplaces: Disabled employees’ discursive practices engaging with the discourse of lower productivityJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
32016Dirty work, dirty worker? Stigmatisation and coping strategies among domestic workersBosmans, Kim; Mousaid, Sarah; De Cuyper, Nele; HARDONK, Stefan ; Louckx, Fred; Vanroelen, ChristopheJournal ContributionA1
42016Explaining the relation between precarious employment and mental well-being. A qualitative study among temporary agency workersBosmans, Kim; HARDONK, Stefan ; De Cuyper, Nele; Vanroelen, ChristopheJournal ContributionA1
52016Ableism at work: an analysis of the power in discourses of disability in workplaces and on the labor market 2012-2015JAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Research ReportR2
62016Ableism at work: able-bodiedness and disability in workers’ subjection in three organizational regimes of truthJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Conference MaterialC2
72015Disabled employees’ identity work within organizational disability regimes: a study of 3 Belgian casesJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Conference MaterialC2
82015Wellbeing of childhood brain tumor survivors: what can we learn from their aftercare and school trajectories and what are the parent’s perspectives?Vanclooster, S.; Genin, S.; HARDONK, Stefan ; Peremans, L.; Ten Bosch, J. Van der Werff; Bilsen, J.; Paquier, P.; Jansen, A.Journal ContributionM
92015Organizational disability regimes: a study of 3 Belgian casesJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Conference MaterialC2
102014In between competing discourses: the disabled employee as a productive agentJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Conference MaterialC2
112014Disabled employees’ discursive practices dealing with ableist assumptions of productivityJAMMAERS, Eline ; ZANONI, Patrizia ; HARDONK, Stefan Conference MaterialC2
122013Analyzing language practices in mother–child interaction against the background of maternal construction of deafnessMouvet, Kimberley; HARDONK, Stefan ; Matthijs, Liesbeth; Van Puyvelde, Martine; Loots, Gerrit; Van Herreweghe, MiekeJournal ContributionA1
132012Expert opinions on precarious employment in FlandersBosmans, Kim; HARDONK, Stefan ; Vanroelen, Christophe; Louckx, FredConference MaterialC2
142012First Information Parents Receive After UNHS Detection of Their Baby's Hearing LossMatthijs, Liesbeth; Loots, Gerrit; Mouvet, Kimberley; Van Herreweghe, Mieke; HARDONK, Stefan ; Van Hove, Geert; Van Puyvelde, Martine; Leigh, GregJournal ContributionA1
152012The Role of Communication Choice in the Deaf Child’s Language DevelopmentMouvet, Kimberley; Matthijs, Liesbeth; HARDONK, Stefan ; Loots, Gerrit; Van Herreweghe, MiekeConference MaterialC2
162012Analyseren van moeder-kind interacties tegen de achtergrond van constructies van doofheid en voorkeuren inzake communicatiemodeHARDONK, Stefan ; Mouvet, KimberleyConference MaterialC2
172012Congenital deafness and interaction: The impact of different disability modelsHARDONK, Stefan ; Mouvet, Kimberley; Matthijs, Liesbeth; Loots, GerritConference MaterialC2
182012Analysing care-related decisions in parents of congenitally deaf children: introduction of an explanatory modelHARDONK, Stefan ; Desnerck, Greetje; Matthijs, Liesbeth; Loots, Gerrit; Van Hove, Geert; Van Kerschaver, Erwin; Sigurjónsdóttir, Hanna Björg; Traustadóttir, Rannveig; Vanroelen, Christophe; Louckx, FredJournal ContributionA1
192011Deaf parents and pediatric cochlear implantation: an exploration of the decision-making processHARDONK, Stefan ; Daniels, S.; Desnerck, G.; Loots, G.; Van Hove, G.; Van Kerschaver, E.; Sigurjónsdóttir, H.B.; Vanroelen, C.; Louckx, F.Journal ContributionC2
202011Parents' perspective on the care-trajectory of their congenitally deaf child: a sociological analysis of their experiences, preferences and decisionsHARDONK, Stefan BookB1