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LESAFFRE, Emmanuel
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12021Bayesian model selection for multilevel mediation modelsVERBEKE, Geert; Twisk, Jos; Ariyo, Oludare; Heymans, Martijn; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Huisman, MartijnJournal ContributionA1
22021The power prior with multiple historical controls for the linear regression modelLESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Van Rosmalen, Joost; Banbeta, AkaluJournal ContributionA1
32021Modeling local dependence in latent vector autoregressive modelsDUNG, Tran; VERBEKE, Geert; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Duyck, JokeJournal ContributionA1
42020Serial correlation structures in latent linear mixed models for analysis of multivariate longitudinal ordinal responsesDUNG, Tran; VERBEKE, Geert; MOLENBERGHS, Geert; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
52020Latent Ornstein‐Uhlenbeck models for Bayesian analysis of multivariate longitudinal categorical responsesDUNG, Tran; VERBEKE, Geert; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Duyck, JokeJournal ContributionA1
62019Modified power prior with multiple historical trials for binary endpointsDejardin, David; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; TEREDA, Akalu; Van Rosmalen, JoostJournal ContributionA1
72017Dynamic predictions with time-dependent covariates in survival analysis using joint modeling and landmarkingMOLENBERGHS, Geert; Rizopoulos, Dimitris; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
82015Missing Oral Health-Related Data in the interRAI-HC - Associations with Selected Variables of General Health and the Effect of Multiple Imputation on the Relationship between Oral and General Health.Hofmann, M.; Duyck, J.; De Almeida Mello, J.; Declercq, A.; BOGAERTS, Kris; Krausch-Hofmann, S.; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Declerck, D.; Fávaro Moreira, N.Journal ContributionA1
92014Multilevel factor analytic models for assessing the relationship between nurse-reported adverse events and patient safetyLi, Baoyue; Van den Heede, Koen; Sermeus, Walter; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Diya, LuwisJournal ContributionA1
102014Missing DataMOLENBERGHS, Geert; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelBook SectionB2
112014Introduction to the special issue on joint modelling techniques IntroductionRizopoulos, Dimitris; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA2
122014A randomized phase I Bayesian dose escalation design for the combination of anti-cancer drugsDejardin, David; Verweij, Jaap; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Hamberg, PaulJournal ContributionA1
132013Missing DataMOLENBERGHS, Geert; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelBook SectionB2
142013Stochastic EM algorithm for doubly interval-censored dataDejardin, David; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
152013The history of Belgian assisted reproduction technology cycle registration and control: a case study in reducing the incidence of multiple pregnancyEnglert, Y.; D'Hauterive, S. Perrier; D'Hooghe, T.; Wyns, C.; BOGAERTS, Kris; Gordts, S.; Delvigne, A.; De Sutter, P.; De Neubourg, D.; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Candeur, M.; Van der Elst, J.; Albert, A.; Degueldre, M.; Dubois, Marcel; Gillain, N.; Delbaere, A.; Dhont, M.; Vandekerckhove, F.; Hautecoeur, W.; Lejeune, B.; Camus, M.; Leroy, F.; OMBELET, WillemJournal ContributionA1
162012Five-year mortality and related prognostic factors after inpatient stroke rehabilitation: A European multi-centre studyBrinkmann, Nadine; Dejaeger, Eddy; De Weerdt, Willy; Putman, Koen; Devos, Hannes; Jenni, Walter; Schuback, Birgit; Schupp, Wilfried; Lincoln, Nadina; De Wit, Liesbet; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
172012Assessing the predictive ability of a multilevel binary regression modelVan Oirbeek, R.; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
182012Dealing with misclassification and missing data when estimating prevalence and incidence of caries experienceGarcia-Zattera, Maria J.; Mutsvari, Timothy; Declerck, Dominique; LESAFFRE, EmmanuelJournal ContributionA1
192012Estimating emergence sequences of permanent teeth in Flemish schoolchildren using interval-censored biplots: a graphical display of tooth emergence sequencesGroenen, Patrick J. F.; Cecere, Silvia; Leroy, Roos; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Declerck, DominiqueJournal ContributionA1
202012The relationship between in-hospital mortality, readmission into the intensive care nursing unit and/or operating theatre and nurse staffing levelsVan den Heede, Koen; Sermeus, Walter; LESAFFRE, Emmanuel; Diya, LuwisJournal ContributionA1