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12010Long-term sustainability of metal immobilization by soil amendments: Cyclonic ashes versus lime additionDE VOCHT, Alain; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; RUTTENS, Ann; CARLEER, Robert; ADRIAENSEN, Kristin; Meers, E; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Mench, MJournal ContributionA1
22006Zn in the soil solution of unpolluted and polluted soils as affected by soil characteristicsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Vandegehuchte, M.; RUTTENS, Ann; Vanbroekhoven, K.; Tack, FMG; Unamuno, VR; Samson, R.; Diels, L.; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Du Laing, G.; MEERS, ErikJournal ContributionA1
32006Potential Use of the Plant Antioxidant Network For Environmental Exposure Assessment of Heavy Metals in SoilsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Vandegehuchte, M.; RUTTENS, Ann; Vanbroekhoven, K.; Samson, R.; Tack, F.M.G.; Diels, L.; GEEBELEN, Wouter; MEERS, ErikJournal ContributionA1
42006Phytostabilisation of metal-contaminated sitesVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; RUTTENS, Ann; Lepp, N.; Mench, M.; Bleeker, P.; GEEBELEN, WouterBook SectionB2
52006Evaluation of cyclonic ash, commercial Na-silicates, lime and phosphoric acid for metal immobilisation purposes in contaminated soils in Flanders (Belgium)VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; VAN DER LELIE, Daniel; RUTTENS, Ann; CARLEER, Robert; YPERMAN, Jan; Sappin-Didier, V.; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Mench, M.; Bongue-Boma, K.Journal ContributionA1
62005Transplanted lichens as biomonitors for atmospheric fluoride pollution near two fluoride point sources in Flanders (Belgium)VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; RUTTENS, Ann; Holopainen, T.; CARLEER, Robert; BIJNENS, Olga; YPERMAN, Jan; Claeys, N.; Makkonen, S.; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, Wouter; ADRIAENSSENS, ElkeJournal ContributionA1
72005Phytostabilisation of metal-contaminated sites: phytoremediation of metal-contaminated soilsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; RUTTENS, Ann; Lepp, N.; Mench, M.; Bleeker, P.; GEEBELEN, WouterProceedings PaperC2
82005Can commercial silicates be applied for metal immobilization in contamined soils?VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; RUTTENS, Ann; CARLEER, Robert; Taghavi, Sadegh; YPERMAN, Jan; Van der Lelie, N.; Sapin-Didier, Valérie; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Mench, MichelProceedings PaperC2
92005Soil-solution speciation of Cd as affected by soil characteristics in unpolluted and polluted soilsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Vanbroekhoven, K; Diels, L; RUTTENS, Ann; Samson, R; Vandegehuchte, M; Unamuno, V; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Tack, F; Du Laing, G; MEERS, ErikJournal ContributionA1
102003Selected bioavailability assays to test the efficacy of amendment-induced immobilization of lead in soilsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; VAN DER LELIE, Daniel; Adriano, Domy; CARLEER, Robert; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Mench, MJournal ContributionA1
112003Amendment-induced immobilization of Pb in contaminated soils: effect on Pb, Cu, Zn, Cd, Ni, Fe and Mn extractability and phytotoxicityVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Adriano, Domy; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Mench, MichelProceedings PaperC2
122002Effects of Pb-EDTA and EDTA on oxidative stress reactions and mineral uptake in Phaseolus vulgarisVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; VAN POUCKE, Lucien; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Driano, Domy C.Journal ContributionA1
132002Use of Soil amendments to attenuate trace element exposure: sustainability, side effects, and failuresVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Lepp, N.; Mench, M.; GEEBELEN, Wouter; Bleeker, P.Book SectionB3
142002Remediation of Pb contaminated soils by phytoextraction and amendment induced immobilization : biological aspectsGEEBELEN, WouterTheses and DissertationsT1
152002Amendment-induced immobilization of lead in a lead-spiked soil: Evidence from phytotoxicity studiesVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Adriano, Domy; CARLEER, Robert; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, WouterJournal ContributionA1
162001Evaluatie van de toxische en corrosieve effecten van waterstofchloride en waterstoffluoride concentraties in de omgevingsluchtCARLEER, Robert; BIJNENS, Olga; GEEBELEN, Wouter; ADRIAENSSENS, ElkeResearch ReportR2
172001Evaluation of bio-indication methods using epiphytes by correlating with SO2-pollution parametersHoffmann, M.; GEEBELEN, WouterJournal ContributionA1
182001Toxiciteit, speciatie en meetmethodiek van zware metalen (Co, Cr, Mn) en metalloïden (As, Sb) in de omgevingslucht en depositiesCARLEER, Robert; BIJNENS, Olga; GEEBELEN, Wouter; ADRIAENSSENS, ElkeResearch ReportR2
192000Evaluation of Pb remediated soils by means of different availability indicesVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Adriano, Domy; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, WouterProceedings PaperC2
201999Lead immobilization in lead contaminated soilsVANGRONSVELD, Jaco; CLIJSTERS, Herman; GEEBELEN, WouterProceedings Paper