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12013Coping with time and space in modelling malaria incidence: a comparison of survival and count regression modelsYewhalaw, Delenasaw; DUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Getachew, Yehenew; Speybroeck, NikoJournal ContributionA1
22012Frailties and copulas, not two of a kindDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Goethals, KlaraJournal ContributionA2
32011High prevalence of F4(+) and F18(+) Escherichia coli in Cuban piggeries as determined by serological surveyCoddens, Annelies; DUCHATEAU, Luc; Cox, Eric; Goddeeris, Bruno Maria; CORTINAS ABRAHANTES, Jose; Cruz Munoz, Eduardo; DEL FAVA, Emanuele; de la Fe Rodriguez, Pedro Yoelvys; SHKEDY, Ziv; Maroto Martin, Luis O.Journal ContributionA1
42009Modeling Interval-Censored, Clustered Cow Udder Quarter Infection Times Through the Shared Gamma Frailty ModelDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Ampe, B.; Goethals, K.; Berkvens, Dirk; Laevens, H.Journal ContributionA1
52009Validation of prognostic indices using the frailty modelDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Ducrocq, V.; SYLVESTER, Richard; LEGRAND, CatherineJournal ContributionA1
62009Modelling udder infection data using copula models for quadruplesDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; MASSONNET, GoeleJournal ContributionA1
72008The accuracy of the Lactate Pro hand-held analyser to determine blood lactate in healthy dogsDUCHATEAU, Luc; Baert, E.; De rooster, H.; Doom, M.H.; Tas, O.Journal ContributionA1
82008Using copulas to model four-dimensional udder enfection dataDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; MASSONNET, GoeleProceedings PaperC2
92008The Frailty ModelDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, PaulBookB1
102008Frailty models and copulas: similarities and differencesDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Goethals, KJournal ContributionA1
112007Comparison of different estimation procedures for proportional hazards model with random effectsBURZYKOWSKI, Tomasz; DUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; CORTINAS ABRAHANTES, Jose; LEGRAND, Catherine; Ducrocq, VincentJournal ContributionA1
122006Heterogeneity in disease free survival between centers: lessons learned from an EORTC breast cancer trialvan de Velde, CJH; Therasse, P; DUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; SYLVESTER, Richard; LEGRAND, Catherine; van der Hage, JAJournal ContributionA1
132005Pairwise non-parametric non-inferiority tests in 3x3 cross-over trials: should we adjust for period?DUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, PaulJournal ContributionA1
142005Understanding heterogeneity in generalized mixed and frailty modelsDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, PaulJournal ContributionA1
152005The non-linear effect (determined by the penalised partial-likelihood approach) of milk-protein concentration on time to first insemination in Belgian dairy cowsDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Opsomer, G; Dewulf, JJournal ContributionA1
162005A Bayesian approach to jointly estimate centre and treatment by centre heterogeneity in a proportional hazards modelDUCHATEAU, Luc; Ducrocq, V; JANSSEN, Paul; SYLVESTER, Richard; LEGRAND, CatherineJournal ContributionA1
172004Penalized partial likelihood for frailties and smoothing splines in time to first insemination models for dairy cowsDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, PaulJournal ContributionA1
182003Evolution of recurrent asthma event rate over time in frailty modelsFortpied, C; DUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; Kezic, IJournal ContributionA1
192003Does it matter where you are treated? A treatment outcome study based on clinical trial dataDUCHATEAU, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul; SYLVESTER, Richard; LEGRAND, CatherineJournal ContributionM
202002The shared frailty model and the power for heterogeneity tests in multicenter trialsDUCHATEAU, Luc; LINDSEY, Patrick; JANSSEN, Paul; SYLVESTER, Richard; LEGRAND, Catherine; NGUTI, RosemaryJournal ContributionA1