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POLEC, Iwona
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12004Poly(thienylene vinylene) derivatives as low band gap polymers for photovoltaic applicationsMANCA, Jean; KNIPPER, Martin; HENCKENS, Anja; LUTSEN, Laurence; POLEC, Iwona; VANDERZANDE, DirkJournal ContributionA1
22003Convenient synthesis and polymerization of 5,6-disubstituted dithiophthalides toward soluble poly(isothianaphthene): An initial spectroscopic characterization of the resulting low-band-gap polymersMANCA, Jean; HENCKENS, Anja; LUTSEN, Laurence; POLEC, Iwona; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; NICOLAS, Mael; Loi, MA; Sariciftci, NS; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; GORIS, LudwigJournal ContributionA1
32003Poly (5,6-dithiooctylisothianaphtene), a new low band gap polymer: spectroscopy and solar cell constructionMANCA, Jean; Cravino, A; LUTSEN, Laurence; POLEC, Iwona; ANDRIES, Ellen; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; Loi, MA; Neugebauer, H; Sariciftci, NS; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; GORIS, LudwigJournal ContributionA1
42002Temperature dependence of the reduction of phthalic thioanhydrides by NaBH4: Competition between 3-hydroxythiolactone and phthalide formationLUTSEN, Laurence; POLEC, Iwona; VANDERZANDE, Dirk; GELAN, JanJournal ContributionA1