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VAISMAN, Alejandro
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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12017An Algebra for OLAPKUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroJournal ContributionA1
22011A State-ofA-the-Art in Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing, OLAP and MiningGómez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; MOELANS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroBook SectionB2
32011A data model and query language for spatio-temporal decision supportGomez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroJournal ContributionA1
42010A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Data WarehousingGómez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; MOELANS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroBook SectionB2
52009Map matching and uncertainty: an algorithm and real-world experimentsGHYS, Kristof; KUIJPERS, Bart; MOELANS, Bart; OTHMAN, Walied; Van Goidsenhoven, Dries; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
62009Temporal Support of Regular Expressions in Sequential Pattern MiningVAISMAN, Alejandro; Gomez, Letitia; KUIJPERS, BartProceedings PaperC2
72009Temporal Support in Sequential Pattern MiningGomez, Letitia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC2
82009Analyzing Trajectories Using Uncertainty and Background InformationKUIJPERS, Bart; MOELANS, Bart; OTHMAN, Walied; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
92009What Is Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing?Zimányi, Esteban; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
102009A multidimensional model representing continuous fields in spatial data warehousesVAISMAN, Alejandro; Zimányi, EstebanProceedings PaperC1
112009Efficient constraint evaluation in categorical sequential pattern mining for trajectory databasesGomez, Letitia; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
122009Querying and Mining Moving Object Databases Using Places of InterestGomez, Letitia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroBook SectionB2
132009A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Data WarehousingGomez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; MOELANS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroJournal ContributionA1
142009Spatial aggregation: Data model and implementationGomez, Leticia; HAESEVOETS, Sofie; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroJournal ContributionA1
152008Temporal Support of Regular Expressions in Sequential Pattern MiningGomez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroResearch ReportR2
162008Aggregation languages for moving object and places of interestGomez, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
172007A Data Model for Moving Objects Supporting AggregationKUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC2
182007Piet: a GIS-OLAP ImplementationESCRIBANO, Ariel; GOMEZ, Leticia; KUIJPERS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1
192007A Model for Enriching Trajectories with Semantic Geographical InformationALVARES, Luis Otavio; BOGORNY, Vania; KUIJPERS, Bart; Macedo, Jose Antonio Fernandez; MOELANS, Bart; VAISMAN, AlejandroProceedings PaperC1