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12011Polymer light-emitting diodes with doped hole-transport layersLu, Mingtao; Nicolai, Herman T.; Kuik, Martijn; Wetzelaer, Gert-Jan A. H.; Wildeman, Jurjen; PALMAERTS, Arne ; Blom, Paul W. M.Journal ContributionA1
22011Discovery of an Anionic Polymerization Mechanism for High Molecular Weight PPV Derivatives via the Sulfinyl Precursor RouteCOSEMANS, Inge ; HONTIS, Lieve ; VAN DEN BERGHE, David ; PALMAERTS, Arne ; WOUTERS, Jimmy ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; MAES, Wouter ; JUNKERS, Tanja ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
32010A deeper Insight into the Dithiocarbamate Precursor Route Synthesis of Soluble Poly(thienylene vinylene) Derivatives for Photovoltaic ApplicationsDILIEN, Hanne ; PALMAERTS, Arne ; Lenes, Martijn; de Boer, Bert; Blom, Paul; CLEIJ, Thomas ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
42010Hysteresis-free electron currents in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivativesCraciun, N. I.; Zhang, Yinhuo; PALMAERTS, Arne ; Nicolai, H. T.; Kuik, M.; Kist, R. J. P.; Wetzelaer, G. A. H.; Wildeman, J.; VANDENBERGH, Joke ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Blom, P. W. M.Journal ContributionA1
52009Development of novel processable electron accepting conjugated polymers containing fluoranthene units in the main chainPALMAERTS, Arne ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Pivrikas, Almantas; Neugebauer, Helmut; Sariciftci, Niyazi SerdarJournal ContributionA1
62009Cyclic voltammetry studies of n-type polymers with non-alternant fluoranthene unitsAngulo, Gonzalo; Kapturkiewicz, Andrzej; PALMAERTS, Arne ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
72008Non-alternant cyclo-penta fused polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Efficient structural elements to achieve n-type characteristics in conjugated polymersPALMAERTS, Arne Theses and DissertationsT1
82008POLY 182-Poly(p-fluoranthene vinylene) and its derivatives: A universal synthesis route toward a novel class of conjugated polymersPALMAERTS, Arne ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionM
92008POLY 603-Dodecyl poly(p-fluoranthene vinylene): A novel electron accepting conjugated polymer for organic solar cell applicationsPALMAERTS, Arne ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Pivrikas, Alamantas; Neugebauer, Helmut; Saricifti, N. SerdarJournal ContributionM
102006Synthesis and properties of poly(p-fluoranthene vinylene): A novel conjugated polymer with nonalternant repeating unitsPALMAERTS, Arne ; Van Haren, M.; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
112005Block-type architectures for poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives: a reality or an illusion?VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; HONTIS, Lieve ; PALMAERTS, Arne ; VAN DEN BERGHE, David ; WOUTERS, Jimmy ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas Proceedings PaperC2