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12022Joint kinematics alone can distinguish hip or knee osteoarthritis patients from asymptomatic controls with high accuracyEMMERZAAL, Jill ; Van Rossom, Sam; VAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; De Brabandere, Arne; CORTEN, Kristoff ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; Davis, Jesse; Jonkers, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; Vanwanseele, BenedicteJournal ContributionA1
22022Can the Output of a Learned Classification Model Monitor a Person's Functional Recovery Status Post-Total Knee Arthroplasty?EMMERZAAL, Jill ; De Brabandere, Arne; VAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; BELLEMANS, Johan ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; Davis, Jesse; Jonkers, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; Vanwanseele, BenedicteJournal ContributionA1
32022Movement Quality Parameters during Gait Assessed by a Single Accelerometer in Subjects with Osteoarthritis and Following Total Joint ArthroplastyEMMERZAAL, Jill ; CORTEN, Kristoff ; VAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; Van Rossom, Sam; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; Jonkers, Ilse; Vanwanseele, BenedicteJournal ContributionA1
42021Report - Remote Physiotherapy Consulta ons in the Belgian Primary Health Care Context: Lessons learned during the covid-19 pandemicDE BAETS, Liesbet ; Vissers, Dirk; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; JANSSENS, Lotte ; MEESEN, Raf ; Vereecken, Marc; Dankaerts, Wim; Labie, Céline; Bruynooghe, PeterResearch ReportR1
52021Rehabilitation strategies of Flemish physical therapists before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: An online surveyDINGENEN, Bart ; BILLIET, Bart ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; BELLEMANS, Johan ; TRUIJEN, Jan ; Gokeler, AlliJournal ContributionA1
62020The association between upper limb function and variables at the different domains of the international classification of functioning, disability and health in women after breast cancer surgery: a systematic reviewDe Groef, An; Van der Gucht, Elien; Dams, Lore; Evenepoel, Margaux; Teppers, Lien; Toppet-Hoegars, Julie; DE BAETS, Liesbet Journal ContributionA1
72020The Association Between Fear of Movement, Pain Catastrophizing, Pain Anxiety, and Protective Motor Behavior in Persons With Peripheral Joint Conditions of a Musculoskeletal Origin A Systematic ReviewDE BAETS, Liesbet ; MATHEVE, Thomas ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
82020Discriminant validity of 3D joint kinematics and centre of mass displacement measured by inertial sensor technology during the unipodal stance taskVAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; Wesslink, Mariska; Jonkers, Ilse; Van Wanseele, Benedicte; BRUIJNES, Amber ; Malcorps, Jan; Bellemans, Johan; TRUIJEN, Jan ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
92020Innovative office design and its effect on work-related physical functioning: a theoretical perspectiveDE BAETS, Liesbet Journal ContributionM
102020Pain self-efficacy as a protective psychological factor for pain and disability in persons with shoulder pain: a cross-sectional study.DE BAETS, Liesbet ; Labie, Céline; Dankaerts, Wim; Vlaeyen, Johan; TIMMERMANS, Annick Conference MaterialC2
112020The Development and Measurement Properties of the Dutch Version of the Fear-Avoidance Component Scale in Persons with Low Back and Shoulder Pain: Preliminary results from an ongoing trial.DE BAETS, Liesbet ; MATHEVE, Thomas ; MINGELS, Sarah ; BRUIJNES, Amber ; Van Goethem, Ann; Huybrechts, Xavier; Neblett, Randy; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; JANSSENS, Lotte Conference MaterialC2
122020Disability, kinesiophobia, perceived stress, and pain are not associated with trunk muscle strength or aerobic capacity in chronic nonspecific low back painVERBRUGGHE, Jonas ; AGTEN, Anouk ; STEVENS, Sjoerd ; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert ; VANDENABEELE, Frank ; Roussel, Nathalie; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
132020Towards the Monitoring of Functional Status in a Free-Living Environment for People with Hip or Knee Osteoarthritis: Design and Evaluation of the JOLO Blended Care AppEMMERZAAL, Jill ; De Brabandere, Arne; VANROMPAY, Yves ; VRANKEN, Julie ; STORMS, Valerie ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; CORTEN, Kristoff ; Davis, Jesse; Jonkers, Ilse; Vanwanseele, Benedicte; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
142020Functional movement assessment by means of inertial sensor technology to discriminate between movement behaviour of healthy controls and persons with knee osteoarthritis.VAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; Wesseling, Mariska; Jonkers, Ilse; Vanwanseele, Benedicte; BRUIJNES, Amber ; Malcorps, Jan; BELLEMANS, Johan ; TRUIJEN, Jan ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
152020Assessment of Scapulothoracic, Glenohumeral, and Elbow Motion in Adhesive Capsulitis by Means of Inertial Sensor Technology: A Within-Session, Intra-Operator and Inter-Operator Reliability and Agreement StudyDE BAETS, Liesbet ; VANBRABANT, Stefanie ; DIERICKX, Carl ; VAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
162020Are clinical outcomes of frozen shoulder linked to pain, structural factors or pain-related cognitions? An explorative cohort studyDE BAETS, Liesbet ; MATHEVE, Thomas ; DIERICKX, Carl ; Bijnens, Eric; Jans, domien; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
172020Which Factors Influence Motor Imagery as Measured with a Left/Right Judgment Task in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain? Preliminary Results from an Ongoing Trial.MATHEVE, Thomas ; JANSSENS, Lotte ; TIMMERMANS, Annick ; GOOSSENS, Nina ; DE BAETS, Liesbet Conference MaterialC2
182020Pain-related beliefs are associated with arm function in persons with frozen shoulderDE BAETS, Liesbet ; MATHEVE, Thomas ; Traxler, Juliane; Vlaeyen, Johan; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
192019Lumbar range of motion in chronic low back pain is predicted by task-specific, but not by general measures of pain-related fear.MATHEVE, Thomas ; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; BOGAERTS, Katleen ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1
202019Reliability and Agreement of 3D Trunk and Lower Extremity Movement Analysis by Means of Inertial Sensor Technology for Unipodal and Bipodal TasksVAN DER STRAATEN, Rob ; BRUIJNES, Amber ; Vanwanseele, Benedicte; Jonkers, Ilse; DE BAETS, Liesbet ; TIMMERMANS, Annick Journal ContributionA1