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MITOV, Iliya
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12013Intelligent Data Processing Based on Multi-Dimensional Numbered Memory StructuresMARKOV, Krassimir ; VANHOOF, Koen ; MITOV, Iliya ; DEPAIRE, Benoit ; IVANOVA, Krassimira ; Velychko, Vitalii; Gladun, VictorBook SectionB2
22013Classifier PGN: Classification with High Confidence RulesMITOV, Iliya ; DEPAIRE, Benoit ; IVANOVA, Krassimira ; VANHOOF, Koen Journal ContributionA1
32012Automatic Metadata Generation and Digital Cultural HeritageMITOV, Iliya ; DEPAIRE, Benoit ; IVANOVA, Krassimira ; VANHOOF, Koen ; Blagoev, DimitarBook SectionB2
42011Class association rule mining using multidimensional numbered information spacesMITOV, Iliya Theses and DissertationsT1
52011ArmSquare: An Association Rule Miner Based on Multidimensional Numbered Information SpacesMITOV, Iliya ; IVANOVA, Krassimira ; DEPAIRE, Benoit ; VANHOOF, Koen Proceedings PaperC1
62011Multi‚Äźdimensional Information Spaces as Memory Structures for Intelligent Data Processing in GMESDEPAIRE, Benoit ; IVANOVA, Krassimira ; MARKOV, Krassimir ; MITOV, Iliya ; VANHOOF, Koen ; Velychko, VitaliiBook SectionB2
72011Applying Associative Classifier PGN for Digitised Cultural Heritage Resource DiscoveryIVANOVA, Krassimira ; MITOV, Iliya ; Stanchev, Peter; Dobreva, Milena; VANHOOF, Koen ; DEPAIRE, Benoit Proceedings PaperC1
82009Metric Categorization Relations Based on Support System AnalysisIvanova, Krassimira; MITOV, Iliya ; Stanchev, Peter; MARKOV, Krassimir ; VANHOOF, Koen ; Aslanyan, Levon; Sahakyan, HasmikProceedings PaperC2