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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022Development and evaluation of technology assisted client-centred task-oriented trainingKNIPPENBERG, ElsTheses and DissertationsT1
22021Rehabilitation technology as a tool to support client-centred task-oriented training.Seelen, Henk; KNIPPENBERG, Els; Kos, Daphne; SPOOREN, Annemie; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
32021Efficacy of a technology-based client-centred training system in neurological rehabilitation: a randomised controlled trialKNIPPENBERG, Els; Hallet, Peter; Neven, Katrien; Lemmens , Jolien; Coolen, Jolijn; SPOOREN, Annemie; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
42021Use of a technology-based system to motivate older adults in performing physical activity: a feasibility studyKNIPPENBERG, Els; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
52021Motivation, Usability, and Credibility of an Intelligent Activity-Based Client-Centred Training System to Improve Functional Performance in Neurological Rehabilitation: An Exploratory Cohort StudyKNIPPENBERG, Els; SPOOREN, Annemie; LAMERS, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
62020Developing an intelligent activity-based client-centred training system with a user-centred approachSMEETS, Wout; KNIPPENBERG, Els; Van Hout, Lode; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
72018User-centred development of a client-centred task-oriented training system in persons with central nervous system diseases.KNIPPENBERG, Els; Van Hout, Lode; SPOOREN, Annemie; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
82018An intelligent activity-based client-centred training system: a pilot study on motivation, usability and credibility in persons with central nervous system diseasesKNIPPENBERG, Els; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
92018Motion detection supported exercise therapy in musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic reviewSMEETS, Wout; FEYS, Peter; VERBRUGGHE, Jonas; KNIPPENBERG, Els; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; MATHEVE, Thomas; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
102017Usability and functionality of an intelligent activity based client-centred training systemKNIPPENBERG, Els; Harmon, Geoffrey; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; LAMERS, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
112017An intelligent activity-based client-centred training system: a pilot studyKNIPPENBERG, Els; Harmon, Geoffrey; SPOOREN, Annemie; Palmaers, Steven; LAMERS, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
122016Task oriented training using a motion detection system in persons with low back pain: a feasibility studySMEETS, Wout; Olivieri, Enzo; FEYS, Peter; VERBRUGGHE, Jonas; KNIPPENBERG, Els; Hallet, Peter; SPOOREN, Annemie; MATHEVE, Thomas; Palmaers, Steven; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
132016Motion detection systems in neurological rehabilitation: A systematic reviewVERBRUGGHE, Jonas; KNIPPENBERG, Els; SPOOREN, Annemie; LAMERS, IlseConference MaterialC2
142011The Armeo Spring as training tool to improve upper limb functionality in multiple sclerosis: a pilot studyFEYS, Peter; GIJBELS, Domien; KNIPPENBERG, Els; ALDERS, Geert; Kerkhofs, Lore; LAMERS, IlseJournal ContributionA1
152010Adapting the Motor Activity Log for persons with bilateral arm dysfunction: a validation study in MS.Geelen, Ann; FEYS, Peter; KNIPPENBERG, Els; Kerkhofs, Lore; LAMERS, Ilse; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2