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12019Microvascular reactivity in rehabilitating cardiac patients based on measurements of retinal blood vessel diameters.INT PANIS, Luc; BonnĂ©, Kim; Goswami, Nandu; LOUWIES, Tijs; DENDALE, Paul; Alders, Toon; NAWROT, Tim; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
22018DNA hypomethylation in association with internal and external markers of traffic exposure in a panel of healthy adultsINT PANIS, Luc; LOUWIES, Tijs; Jacobs, Griet; PROVOST, Eline; NAWROT, Tim; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
32017Short-term air pollution exposure decreases lung function: a repeated measures study in healthy adultsINT PANIS, Luc; LAEREMANS, Michelle; Holmstock, Luc; Standaert, Arnout; LOUWIES, Tijs; DONS, Evi; COX, Bianca; PROVOST, Eline; NAWROT, Tim; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
42017Recent versus chronic fine particulate air pollution exposure as determinant of the retinal microvasculature in school childrenINT PANIS, Luc; KICINSKI, Michal; SAENEN, Nelly; LOUWIES, Tijs; VRIJENS, Karen; PROVOST, Eline; DE BOEVER, Patrick; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
52016Dynamic exercise induces acute and subacute retinal microvascular changes in rehabilitating cardiac patientsSchimmel, Alice; LOUWIES, Tijs; Van den Eynde, Fien; DENDALE, Paul; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionM
62016Separate and Combined Effects of Hypoxia and Horizontal Bed Rest on Retinal Blood Vessel DiametersJaki Mekjavic, Polona; Mekjavic, Igor B.; Kounalakis, Stylianos; Eiken, Ola; LOUWIES, Tijs; COX, Bianca; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
72016Short-term fluctuations in personal black carbon exposure are associated with rapid changes in carotid arterial stiffeningop 't Roodt, Jos; INT PANIS, Luc; LOUWIES, Tijs; DONS, Evi; COX, Bianca; SOLMI, Francesca; PROVOST, Eline; DE BOEVER, Patrick; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
82016miRNA expression profiles and retinal blood vessel calibers are associated with short-term particulate matter air pollution exposureVuegen, Caroline; INT PANIS, Luc; LOUWIES, Tijs; COX, Bianca; VRIJENS, Karen; NAWROT, Tim; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
92015Turning an eye towards cardiovascular health: the retina in public health researchLOUWIES, TijsTheses and DissertationsT1
102015Blood pressure changes in association with black carbon exposure in a panel of healthy adults are independent of retinal microcirculation.INT PANIS, Luc; LOUWIES, Tijs; DONS, Evi; COX, Bianca; PENDERS, Joris; NAWROT, Tim; PROVOST, Eline; DE BOEVER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
112013Retinal Microvascular Responses to Short-Term Changes in Particulate Air Pollution in Healthy AdultsINT PANIS, Luc; KICINSKI, Michal; LOUWIES, Tijs; DE BOEVER, Patrick; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1