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12021Modelling the early phase of the Belgian COVID-19 epidemic using a stochastic compartmental model and studying its implied future trajectoriesABRAMS, Steven; WAMBUA, James; SANTERMANS, Eva; WILLEM, Lander; KUYLEN, Elise; COLETTI, Pietro; LIBIN, Pieter; FAES, Christel; PETROF, Oana; HERZOG, Sereina; Beutels, Philippe; HENS, NielJournal ContributionA1
22018Household members do not contact each other at random: implications for infectious disease modellingGOEYVAERTS, Nele; SANTERMANS, Eva; Potter, Gail; TORNERI, Andrea; VAN KERCKHOVE, Kim; Willem, Lander; AERTS, Marc; Beutels, Philippe; HENS, NielJournal ContributionA1
32017Structural differences in mixing behavior informing the role of asymptomatic infection and testing symptom heritabilitySANTERMANS, Eva; VAN KERCKHOVE, Kim; AZMON, Amin; Edmunds, W. John; Beutels, Philippe; Faes, Christel; HENS, NielJournal ContributionA1
42017Prognostic and predictive aspects of the tumor immune microenvironment and immune checkpoints in malignant pleural mesotheliomaMarcq, Elly; Siozopoulou, Vasiliki; De Waele, Jorrit; van Audenaerde, Jonas; Zwaenepoel, Karen; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Pauwels, Patrick; van Meerbeeck, Jan P.; Smits, Evelien L. J.Journal ContributionA1
52017Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment and Investigation of Immune Checkpoint Expression in Malignant Pleural MesotheliomaMarcq, Elly; Siozopoulou, Vasiliki; De Waele, Jorrit; Van Audenaerde, Jonas; Zwaenepoel, Karen; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Pauwels, Patrick; Van Meerbeeck, Jan; Smits, EvelienJournal ContributionM
62017Abundant expression of TIM-3, LAG-3, PD-1 and PD-L1 as immunotherapy checkpoint targets in effusions of mesothelioma patientsMarcq, Elly; De Waele, Jorrit; Van Audenaerde, Jonas; Lion, Eva; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Pauwels, Patrick; van Meerbeeck, Jan P.; Smits, Evelien L. J.Journal ContributionA1
72017Non-invasive PET imaging of brain inflammation at disease onset predicts spontaneous recurrent seizures and reflects comorbiditiesBertoglio, Daniele; Verhaeghe, Jeroen; SANTERMANS, Eva; Amhaoul, Halima; Jonckers, Elisabeth; Wyffels, Leonie; Van Der Linden, Annemie; HENS, Niel; Staelens, Steven; Dedeurwaerdere, StefanieJournal ContributionA1
82016Spatiotemporal Evolution of Ebola Virus Disease at Sub-National Level during the 2014 West Africa Epidemic: Model Scrutiny and Data MeagrenessSANTERMANS, Eva; Robesyn, Emmanuel; GANYANI, Tapiwa; Sudre, Bertrand; FAES, Christel; Quinten, Chantal; Van Bortel, Wim; HABER, Tom; KOVAC, Thomas; VAN REETH, Frank; Testa, Marco; HENS, Niel; Plachouras, DiamantisJournal ContributionA1
92016Intracerebral transplantation of interleukin 13-producing mesenchymal stem cells limits microgliosis, oligodendrocyte loss and demyelination in the cuprizone mouse modelLe Blon, Debbie; Guglielmetti, Caroline; Hoornaert, Chloe; Quarta, Alessandra; Daans, Jasmijn; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile; LEMMENS, Evi; Praet, Jelle; De Vocht, Nathalie; Reekmans, Kristien; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Goossens, Herman; Verhoye, Marleen; Van der Linden, Annemie; Berneman, Zwi; HENDRIX, Sven; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
102016Statistical and Mathematical Perspectives on Present-day Infectious Disease EpidemiologySANTERMANS, EvaTheses and DissertationsT1
112016Interleukin-13 Immune Gene Therapy Prevents CNS Inflammation and Demyelination via Alternative Activation of Microglia and MacrophagesGuglielmetti, Caroline; Le Blon, Debbie; SANTERMANS, Eva; Salas-Perdomo, Angelica; Daans, Jasmijn; De Vocht, Nathalie; Shah, Disha; Hoornaert, Chloe; Praet, Jelle; Peerlings, Jurgen; Kara, Firat; Bigot, Christian; Mai, Zhenhua; Goossens, Herman; HENS, Niel; HENDRIX, Sven; Verhoye, Marleen; Planas, Anna M.; Berneman, Zwi; van der Linden, Annemie; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
122015Cuprizone-induced demyelination and demyelination-associated inflammation result in different proton magnetic resonance metabolite spectraPraet, Jelle; Orije, Jasmien; Kara, Firat; Guglielmetti, Caroline; SANTERMANS, Eva; Daans, Jasmijn; HENS, Niel; Verhoye, Marleen; Berneman, Zwi; Ponsaerts, Peter; Van der Linden, AnnemieJournal ContributionA1
132015Early Inflammatory Responses Following Cell Grafting in the CNS Trigger Activation of the Subventricular Zone: A Proposed Model of Sequential Cellular EventsPraet, Jelle; SANTERMANS, Eva; Daans, Jasmijn; Le Blon, Debbie; Hoornaert, Chloe; Goossens, Herman; HENS, Niel; Van der Linden, Annemie; Berneman, Zwi; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
142015The social contact hypothesis under the assumption of endemic equilibrium: Elucidating the transmission potential of VZV in Europe.SANTERMANS, Eva; GOEYVAERTS, Nele; Melegaro, Alessia; Edmunds, W.J.; FAES, Christel; AERTS, Marc; Beutels, P.; HENS, NielJournal ContributionA1
152015Assessing the risk of measles resurgence in a highly vaccinated population: Belgium anno 2013HENS, Niel; ABRAMS, Steven; SANTERMANS, Eva; Theeten, Heidi; GOEYVAERTS, Nele; Lernout, Tinne; Leuridan, Elke; VAN KERCKHOVE, Kim; Goossens, Herman; Van Damme, Pierre; Beutels, PhilippeJournal ContributionA1
162015Modulation of neuroinflammatory responses in the cuprizone mouse model following transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells genetically engineered to secrete IL13 coincides with the appearance of multiple alternatively activated macrophage and microglia phenotypesLe Blon, D.; Guglielmetti, C.; Hoornaert, C.; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile; Daans, J.; LEMMENS, Evi; De Vocht, N.; Reekmans, K.; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Goossens, H.; Verhoye, M.; Van der Linden, A.; Berneman, Z.; HENDRIX, Sven; Ponsaerts, P.Journal ContributionM
172015Distinct In Vitro Properties of Embryonic and Extraembryonic Fibroblast-Like Cells Are Reflected in Their In Vivo Behavior Following Grafting in the Adult Mouse BrainCosta, Roberta; Bergwerf, Irene; SANTERMANS, Eva; De Vocht, Nathalie; Praet, Jelle; Daans, Jasmijn; Le Blon, Debbie; Hoomaert, Chloe; Reekmans, Kristien; HENS, Niel; Goossens, Herman; Berneman, Zwi; Parolini, Ornella; Alviano, Francesco; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
182014Histological characterization and quantification of cellular events following neural and fibroblast(-like) stem cell grafting in healty and demyelinated CNS tissuePraet, J.; SANTERMANS, Eva; Reekmans, K.; de Vocht, N.; Le Blon, D.; Hoornaert, C.; Daans, J.; Goossens, H.; Berneman, Z.; HENS, Niel; Van der Linden, A.; Ponsaerts, P.Book SectionB2
192014Distinct spatial distribution of microglia and macrophages following mesenchymal stem cell implantation in mouse brainLe Blon, Debbie; Hoornaert, Chloe; Daans, Jasmijn; SANTERMANS, Eva; HENS, Niel; Goossens, Herman; Berneman, Zwi; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1