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12016Bloodstream infection on the emergency department: a retrospective study on the effect of time to initiate antibiotic treatment on length of stay and cost of hospitalization.MARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree; Haesendonck, Ruben; LIESENBORGS, An; Biliet, JaakConference MaterialC2
22015Incidence and outcome of inappropriate in-hospital empiric antibiotics for severe infection: a systematic review and meta-analysisMARQUET, Kristel; VLEUGELS, Arthur; CLAES, Neree; LIESENBORGS, An; BERGS, JochenJournal ContributionA1
32014Incidence And Outcome Of Inappropriate In Hospital Empiric Antibiotic Therapy For Severe Infection: A Systematic Review.MARQUET, Kristel; VLEUGELS, Arthur; CLAES, Neree; LIESENBORGS, AnConference MaterialC2
42013Snelle detectie van sepsis redt mensenlevensMARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree; LIESENBORGS, AnJournal ContributionM
52013PiCCO guided fluid management in early phase in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock at the EDWEEKERS, Frank; MARQUET, Kristel; VANDIJCK, Dominique; CLAES, Neree; LIESENBORGS, AnConference MaterialC2