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12023A Critical View on Motor-based Interventions to Improve Motor Skill Performance in Children With ADHD: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisKleeren, Lize; Hallemans, Ann; HOSKENS, Jasmine; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Smits-Engelsman, Bouwien; VERBECQUE, EviJournal ContributionA1
22022The impact of brain lesion characteristics and the corticospinal tract wiring on mirror movements in unilateral cerebral palsySimon-Martinez, Cristina; DECRAENE, Lisa; Zielinski, Ingar; Hoare, Brian; Williams, Jacqueline; Mailleux, Lisa; Steenbergen, Bert; Ortibus, Els; Feys, Hilde; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1
32022Reliable and Valid Robotic Assessments of Hand Active and Passive Position Sense in Children With Unilateral Cerebral PalsyZbytniewska-Mégret, Monika; DECRAENE, Lisa; Mailleux, Lisa; Kleeren, Lize; Kanzler, Christoph M.; Gassert, Roger; Ortibus, Els; Feys, Hilde; Lambercy, Olivier; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1
42022Identifying bimanual motor control impairments in children with unilateral cerebrals palsy using the Kinarm End-point robotDECRAENE, Lisa; Mailleux, Lisa; Orban De Xivry, Jean-Jacques; Ortibus, Els; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Feys, HildeConference MaterialC2
52022Relation between proximal and distal proprioception in the upper limb in unilateral cerebral palsy using roboticsDECRAENE, Lisa; Monika, Zbytniewska-Mégret; Lize, Kleeren; Monica, Crotti; Evanthia, Theodoru; De Xivry, Orban; , Jean-Jacques; Els, Ortibus; Lisa, Mailleux; Olivier, Lambercy; Hilde, Feys; KLINGELS, KatrijnConference MaterialC2
62022Test-Retest Reliability of a Static and Dynamic Motor Fatigability Protocol Using Grip and Pinch Strength in Children With Cerebral PalsyBRAUERS, Lieke; Smeets , Rob; FEYS, Peter; Gordon, Andrew M.; Van der Leij-Roelofsen, Bertie; Bastiaenen, Caroline; RAMECKERS, Eugene; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1
72022How can instructions and feedback with external focus be shaped to enhance motor learning in children? A systematic reviewVAN DER VEER, Ingrid; VERBECQUE, Evi; RAMECKERS, Eugene; Bastiaenen, Caroline H. G.; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Cè, EmilianoJournal ContributionA1
82021Sensory function influences unimanual and bimanual dexterity in unilateral cerebral palsyDECRAENE, Lisa; Feys, Hilde; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Basu, Anna; Ortibus, Els; Mailleux, Lisa; Simon-Martinez, CristinaConference MaterialC2
92021A new protocol for assessing action observation and imitation abilities in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: A feasibility and reliability studyBieber, E; Smits-Engelsman, B C M; Sgandurra, G; Di Gregorio, F; Guzzetta, A; Cioni, G; Feys, H; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1
102021Assessment of mirror movements in children and adolescents with unilateral cerebral palsy: reliability of the Woods and Teuber scaleMagne, Victoria A; Adde, Lars; Hoare, Brian; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Simon-Martinez, Cristina; Mailleux, Lisa; Lydersen, Stian; Elvrum, Ann-Kristin GJournal ContributionA1
112021Test-retest reliability of static and dynamic motor fatigability protocols using grip and pinch strength in typically developing childrenBRAUERS, Lieke; Smeets, Rob; FEYS, Peter; Bastiaenen, Caroline; KLINGELS, Katrijn; RAMECKERS, EugeneJournal ContributionA1
122021Tyneside Pegboard Test for unimanual and bimanual dexterity in unilateral cerebral palsy: association with sensorimotor impairmentDECRAENE, Lisa; Feys, Hilde; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Basu, Anna; Ortibus, Els; Simon-Martinez, Cristina; Mailleux, LisaJournal ContributionA1
132021Balance control in individuals with developmental coordination disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisVERBECQUE, Evi; JOHNSON, Charlotte; RAMECKERS, Eugene; Thijs, Angelina; VAN DER VEER, Ingrid; MEYNS, Pieter; Smits-Engelsman, Bouwien; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1
142021The construct of balance control in primary school-aged children: Unidimensional and task-specificVERBECQUE, Evi; KLINGELS, Katrijn; RAMECKERS, Eugene; Ferguson, Gillian; Smits-Engelsman, BouwienJournal ContributionA1
152021Assessing Locomotor Coordination during Walking and Running in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic ReviewGOETSCHALCKX, Mieke; MOUMDJIAN, Lousin; KLINGELS, Katrijn; FEYS, Peter; RAMECKERS, EugeneJournal ContributionA2
162020Unimanual and bimanual dexterity and its association with sensorimotor impairments in children with unilateral cerebral palsyDECRAENE, Lisa; Feys, Hilde; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Basu, Anna; Ortibus, Els; Mailleux, Lisa; Simon-Martinez, CristinaConference MaterialC2
172020Randomized controlled trial combining constraint-induced movement therapy and action-observation training in unilateral cerebral palsy: clinical effects and influencing factors of treatment responseSimon-Martinez, Cristina; Mailleux, Lisa; HOSKENS, Jasmine; Ortibus, Els; Jaspers, Ellen; Wenderoth, Nicole; Sgandurra, Giuseppina; Cioni, Giovanni; Motenaers, Guy; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Feys, HildeJournal ContributionA1
182020White matter characteristics of motor, sensory and interhemispheric tracts underlying impaired upper limb function in children with unilateral cerebral palsyMailleux, Lisa; Simon-Martinez, Cristina; Radwan, Ahmed; Blommaert, Jeroen; Gooijers, Jolien; Wenderoth, Nicole; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Ortibus, Els; Sunaert, Stefan; Feys, HildeJournal ContributionA1
192020Effects of combining constraint-induced movement therapy and action-observation training on upper limb kinematics in children with unilateral cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trialSimon-Martinez, Cristina; Mailleux, Lisa; Jaspers, Ellen; Ortibus, Els; Desloovere, Kaat; KLINGELS, Katrijn; Feys, HildeJournal ContributionA1
202020Measuring Motor Fatigability in the Upper Limbs in Individuals With Neurologic Disorders: A Systematic ReviewBRAUERS, Lieke; RAMECKERS, Eugene; SEVERIJNS, Deborah; FEYS, Peter; Smeets, Rob; KLINGELS, KatrijnJournal ContributionA1