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12021On the toxicity of metal halide perovskite absorbers and their environmentally friendly deposition with gas quenching for the fabrication of state-of-the-art solar cellsBABAYIGIT, Aslihan Theses and DissertationsT1
22021Ligand-bridged charge extraction and enhanced quantum efficiency enable efficient n-i-p perovskite/silicon tandem solar cellsAydin, E; Liu, J; Ugur, E; Azmi, R; Harrison, GT; Hou, Y; Chen , B; Zhumagali, S; De Bastiani, M; Wang, MC; Raja, W; Allen, TG; Rehman, AU; Subbiah, AS; Babics, M; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Isikgor, FH; Wang, K; Van Kerschaver, E; Tsetseris, L; Sargent, EH; Laquai, F; De Wolf , SJournal ContributionA1
32021Scaling-up perovskite solar cells on hydrophobic surfacesIsikgor, Furkan H.; Subbiah, Anand S.; Eswaran, Mathan K.; Howells, Calvyn T.; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; De Bastiani, Michele; Yengel, Emre; Liu, Jiang; Furlan, Francesco; Harrison, George T.; Zhumagali, Shynggys; Khan, Jafar, I; Laquai, Frederic; Anthopoulos, Thomas D.; McCulloch, Iain; Schwingenschloegl, Udo; De Wolf, StefaanJournal ContributionA1
42021Tin Oxide Electron‐Selective Layers for Efficient, Stable, and Scalable Perovskite Solar CellsAltinkaya, Cesur; Aydin, Erkan; Ugur, Esma; Isikgor, Furkan H.; Subbiah, Anand S.; De Bastiani, Michele; Liu, Jiang; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Allen, Thomas G.; Laquai, Frederic; Yildiz, Abdullah; De Wolf, StefaanJournal ContributionA1
52020Cryo-focused ion beam preparation of perovskite based solar cells for atom probe tomographyRIVAS RIVAS, Nicolas ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; CONINGS, Bert ; Schwarz, Torsten; Sturm, Andreas; Manjon, Alba Garzon; Cojocaru-Miredin, Oana; Gault, Baptiste; RENNER, Frank Journal ContributionA1
62019Fire Safety of Lead Halide Perovskite PhotovoltaicsCONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
72018Environment versus sustainable energy: The case of lead halide perovskite-based solar cellsBABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; CONINGS, Bert Journal ContributionA1
82018Gas Quenching for Perovskite Thin Film DepositionBABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; D'HAEN, Jan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; CONINGS, Bert Journal ContributionA2
92018Compositional engineering of tin-lead halide perovskites for efficient and stable low band gap solar cellsPrasanna, Rohit; Leijtens, Tomas; Gold-Parker, Aryeh; CONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Toney, Michael F.; McGehee, Michael D.Proceedings PaperC1
102018Getting rid of anti-solvents: gas quenching for high performance perovskite solar cellsCONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Klug, Matt; Bai, Sai; Gauquelin, Nicolas; Sakai, Nobuya; Wang, Jacob Tse-Wei; Verbeeck, Jo; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Snaith, HenryProceedings PaperC1
112017Structure–Property Relations of Methylamine Vapor Treated Hybrid Perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 Films and Solar CellsCONINGS, Bert ; Bretschneider, Simon; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Gauquelin, Nicolas; CARDINALETTI, Ilaria ; MANCA, Jean ; Verbeeck, Jo; Snaith, Henry; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
122017Band Gap Tuning via Lattice Contraction and Octahedral Tilting in Perovskite Materials for PhotovoltaicsPrasanna, Rohit; Gold-Parker, Aryeh; Leijtens, Tomas; CONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Toney, Michael F.; McGehee, Michael D.Journal ContributionA1
132016Toxicity of organometal halide perovskite solar cellsBABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha ; Muller, Marc; CONINGS, Bert Journal ContributionA1
142016A Universal Deposition Protocol for Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells with High Efficiency Based on Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite FamiliesCONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Klug, Matthew T.; Bai, Sai; Gauquelin, Nicolas; Sakai, Nobuya; Wang, Jacob Tse-Wei; Verbeeck, Johan; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Snaith, Henry J.Journal ContributionA1
152016Perovskite-perovskite tandem photovoltaics with optimized band gapsEperon, Giles E.; Leijtens, Tomas; Bush, Kevin A.; Prasanna, Rohit; Green, Thomas; Wang, Jacob Tse-Wei; McMeekin, David P.; Volonakis, George; Milot, Rebecca L.; May, Richard; Palmstrom, Axel; Slotcavage, Daniel J.; Belisle, Rebecca A.; Patel, Jay B.; Parrott, Elizabeth S.; Sutton, Rebecca J.; Ma, Wen; Moghadam, Farhad; CONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Bent, Stacey; Giustino, Feliciano; Herz, Laura M.; Johnston, Michael B.; McGehee, Michael D.; Snaith, Henry J.Journal ContributionA1
162016Assessing the toxicity of Pb- and Sn-based perovskite solar cells in model organism Danio rerioBABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; Duy Thanh, Din; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha ; MANCA, Jean ; Muller, Marc; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; CONINGS, Bert Journal ContributionA1
172015The impact of precursor water content on solution-processed organometal halide perovskite films and solar cellsCONINGS, Bert ; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; VANGERVEN, Tim ; D'HAEN, Jan ; MANCA, Jean ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
182015Intrinsic Thermal Instability of Methylammonium Lead Trihalide PerovskiteCONINGS, Bert ; DRIJKONINGEN, Jeroen ; Gauquelin, Nicolas; BABAYIGIT, Aslihan ; D'HAEN, Jan ; D'OLIESLAEGER, Lien ; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha ; Verbeeck, Jo; MANCA, Jean ; Mosconi, Edoardo; De Angelis, Filippo; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1